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Oscar Desperately Trying To Save Canelo from Golovkin

Golovkin Implies Canelo is a Chicken-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski

Oscar De La Hoya is desperate and his Golden Boy operations is wounded. He has no other bona fide money makers and Canelo Alvarez is all he has left. And so we are seeing an all out effort by De La Hoya to make sure his franchise fighter can avoid the career destroying “L” to Golovkin.

De La Hoya is now saying Golovkin is afraid to fight the rematch with Alvarez and that by demanding a 50-50 split he’s killing the fight. Oscar wants to pay Golovkin a paltry 35% split which is absurd because Golovkin holds all the belts and prestige.

Let’s look back… Golovkin entered the ring after Canelo defeated Amir Khan and Canelo trash talked the unbeaten middleweight champion kingpin, then proceeded to vacate a paper title he won by not even beating a middleweight. Team Canelo wait another year in which Canelo never faces or defeats a true middleweight. Finally, Golovkin and Canelo fight after a two year stall and Canelo is given a gift draw which the vast majority of the public and media observe to be a gross injustice, and another example of the establishment protecting a future cash cow golden goose.  Despite Golovkin making “90% of the concessions” for the fight, Canelo proceeds to fail two drug tests and then gets suspended, forcing Golovkin to miss out on the eight-figure, signed rematch.

And Golovkin, who holds all the belts is being called scared for now demanding 50-50? Hey Oscar, George Foreman got 50-50 for fighting Muhammad Ali. Joe Frazier got 50-50 for fighting Muhammad Ali. It is Gennady Golovkin who wears the belts and is the man and his wanting 50-50 is not being afraid.

Scared is throwing away your paper title belt rather than facing the man you just called out in the ring. Scared is using performance enhancing drugs.

If anyone ever deserved to be boycotted in professional boxing it’s Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy promotions and Canelo Alvarez.

Until De La Hoya and Alvarez shut the heck up and give Golovkin his deserved 50-50 split for the rematch, the boxing world, media and fans should unite to shun and boycott anything and everything connected to Golden Boy and Canelo Alvarez.


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