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Team Wilder Hoping Joshua Loses Like Lennox Did

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By Scoop Malinowski

The latest is Deontay Wilder is now killing the showdown with Anthony Joshua forever by now demanding a ridiculous 50-50 split. This is a fight killer, this is a message to Joshua and Eddie Hearn to leave us alone and go away, please go away.

The American boxing media are mostly lapdogs to the American promoters and will try to spin it as Joshua being the dodger. The American boxing media are afraid to piss off the promoters like Al Haymon, Shelly Finkel and Lou DiBella who they get credentials and free meals from. So the US boxing media will protect Wilder and support his lies and duck moves. Because they have to. Because they don’t have the guts to rock any boats by telling the public the ugly truth.

Wilder demanding 50-50 is outrageous and laughable, as he draws and earns but a fraction of what the real heavyweight superstar champion Joshua does. But no one in the US boxing media will dare say it. Mike Woods, Dan Raphael, I dare you to criticize Wilder.

This whole situation is the Lennox Lewis reign all over again. Lewis was shunned and avoided by the American top dogs Holyfield, Bowe and Tyson for over a decade and the American boxing media protected those American fighters and constantly belittled and downplayed and discredited Lennox Lewis until 1999 and 2002 when Lewis finally got his chances and conquered Tyson and Holyfield.

Now the American boxing media is clearly supporting and defending Wilder and attacking Joshua and Hearn as the dodgers with their propaganda.

It’s a shame that Lennox Lewis doesn’t step up and support Joshua. Lewis surely knows what the American boxing media is doing to Joshua, Lewis surely knows the American boxing media is protecting Wilder. But Lennox Lewis would rather sit on the fence. Maybe he’s jealous of Joshua achieving greatness beyond what he himself he did. I don’t know, it’s strange that Lewis is so neutral about Joshua being dodged so blatantly by Wilder. Lewis wants to see this fight happen and his comments in the media would put heavy pressure on Team Wilder to stop the nonsense. Come on, Lennox, show some guts and tell it like it is. Deontay Wilder is a joke “misfit”, just like all the misfits you cleaned up and eliminated in your great reign as an all time great super champ.

Team Wilder’s intent is obvious. Wilder even said this week the goal is 51-0. Of course Wilder’s next 11 wins will be automatic, preconceived, just like the previous 40.

The hope and plan is that Joshua will lose. They know Joshua will be involved in real fights against the best challengers and he could lose, like Lewis did against Rahman and McCall. Shelly Finkel and Al Haymon have a lot of experience and they believe Joshua could become complacent and bored and he could have an off night against a real challenger not controlled by his promoter Hearn. Joshua losing is possible though unlikely because Joshua is head and shoulders above every one right now.

Team Wilder passed on $20 million for two fights from Hearn so that means they are going to make sure Wilder keeps winning against Al Haymon controlled patsy opponents until they recoup the $20 million they just walked away from. That could take ten more fights at $2 per.

So when Wilder gets to 51-0, which will be in four or five years, it’s very possible Joshua may have lost.

If Joshua loses, expect Wilder to go on social media and scream how he is the greatest of all time and could beat Tyson and Ali on the same night.

Yes, in the fantasy, music world, WWF fake boxing league run by Al Haymon, Wilder will appear to be the greatest of all time. That is the illusion Finkel, Haymon and Wilder are creating now with the help of the lapdog American boxing media.

But the reality is Wilder is a protected, loud mouth fraud, a misfit with zero class and minimal talent, who only fights patsies and tomato cans who are controlled by Al Haymon.

Just remember this quote by a wise old boxing sage: “Al Haymon is Vince McMahon. And Deontay Wilder is his manufactured Hulk Hogan.”



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