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Why Won’t Team Wilder Pressure Joshua With More Offers?

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By Scoop Malinowski

Now that Team Wilder have rejected Eddie Hearn’s contract offer after sitting on it for almost two weeks with the WBA breathing down everybody’s necks, the result is the cancellation of hopes of seeing Wilder vs Joshua this year.

The WBA wanted a deal after waiting three months, so now Povetkin gets his mandatory shot at Joshua.

But one side of the clash isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. Hearn and Joshua, still determined to nail Wilder to a contract, made a new offer this week. Hearn offered Wilder a $20 million two fight deal, including a $5 New York defense against any patsy or tomato can of Wilder’s choosing and then the Joshua fight for $15m next April.

Wilder’s response was angry and defiant and surprising for a guy who supposedly wanted to fight and beat the heavyweight kingpin. Wilder immediately rejected the incredibly generous offer and even added an exclamation point of F*** You, now I want a laughably absurd 50-50 split with Joshua who holds three of the four major titles and out earns and out draws Wilder by vastly disproportionate margins.

This move by Wilder clarifies everything. His team never wanted the fight and they are unhappy with the relentless pressure and offers Hearn and Joshua keep making to them. Wilder wants Joshua and Hearn to just go away so they can get on with their scheme of fabricating Wilder to 51-0.

Ask yourself, if Team Wilder really wanted the fight, why don’t they make new offers to Hearn for 2019? If Joshua doesn’t want the fight with Wilder, then why is Hearn still making generous multi-million dollar offers to Wilder to hammer out a deal and a date?

This is the smoking gun. And anybody with half a functioning frontal lobe can see that Wilder doesn’t want the fight and he wants Joshua to go away till after 51-0.

Amidst all the lies and screaming by Wilder, it’s entirely clear and obvious now that he never wanted the fight. But he and his protectors had to play along and pretend they did want the fight, just like Mayweather did with Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao for the better part of five years until CBS boss Les Moonves finally stepped in and forced Floyd to fight Pacquiao.

Wilder has been chosen to be the next big American boxing star many years ago. The scheme would have succeeded had Joshua not stepped up and fought Wladimir Klitschko, after Tyson Fury exiled himself.  That bold move by Joshua surprised everyone, especially Team Wilder which never ever dared to go after Klitschko. Klitschko fighting and losing by KO to Joshua is what made Joshua a major superstar. That was the fight that made Joshua and left Wilder in the dust looking like the manufactured fraud he is.

Now Team Wilder is desperate. They just walked away from $20m and they have to recoup it. The only sure-fire way to successfully recoup it will be to fix all of Wilder’s fights until Team Wilder earns their $20m. Is it possible Team Wilder would pull off such a hoax? Anything is possible in boxing, especially with Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel so desperate to see a sufficient return on all they have invested in Wilder so far.






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