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Boycotting Wilder is the only way to force Wilder vs Joshua

By Scoop Malinowski

Astute ring observers will not fall for the repeated lies and fakery by Deontay Wilder and his team. Astute ring observers can see the truth through the haze of lies, smoke & mirrors and deception. Al Haymon, Shelly Finkel and Deontay Wilder know they are not ready to cash out vs Joshua yet.  They believe eleven more wins for 51-0 will make Wilder a multi-million dollar superstar attraction. They KNOW losing by early KO to Joshua ends their whole ponzi scheme operation. They do not have the confidence to send Wilder into the ring against the best fighter in the world today, Anthony Joshua.

Haymon and Finkel have a master plan to get Wilder to 51-0, which means no Joshua fight for years. People think that there’s “just too much money” involved and the fight will happen eventually. These people said the same thing for six years about Pacquiao vs Mayweather. But these people never could grasp that Haymon and Mayweather’s master plan was to duck Pacquiao forever, and just keep recycling their inventory of different excuses to keep blaming Arum and Pacquiao for the fight not happening. What ruined it for Floyd and Haymon were their fights at the end against handpicked set ups stopped drawing. And losing money gets the attention of the bosses. Only when CBS boss Les Moonves finally stepped in and forced the fight did Pac vs May finally get made. Moonves was displeased that Mayweather’s fights vs handpicked patsies were generating only a fraction of what May vs Pac would generate so he stepped in and forced the fight. Most fans are unaware of this truth because the lapdog boxing media failed to report this information.

Joshua vs Wilder will be a huge event because of Joshua’s A side drawing power. Haymon and Finkel are the B side with a loud mouth clown who does have a high profile and a snazzy record but the reality is Wilder is a non-draw and still a very poor money generator in the United States. Haymon and Finkel have a lot invested in Wilder becoming a major Tyson level Knockout King superstar.

Their plan moving forward is shaky at best. The public is not interested in seeing Wilder beat up on tomato cans or hired patsies anymore. The public is not going to pay much to see Wilder against anyone except Joshua.

So Haymon and Finkel are screwed. They have no way of developing Wilder into a big star other than to throw him in the ring with Joshua. And hope that he lands the lucky punch and pulls off the big upset. If Wilder were to win, he would become the big money superstar.

But Haymon and Finkel have no confidence in Wilder, they were even afraid to throw Wilder in against Dillian Whyte for a career high payday of $5m.  Haymon and Finkel only have confidence to put Wilder into the ring with fighters under the control of Haymon, in other words, fighters who know how to take orders and follow the agenda of Haymon and Finkel, which is to keep Wilder undefeated. (You should be able to connect those dots.)

So in order to speed up the process of strong-arming Haymon and Finkel to serve up Wilder to face Joshua, there is only one sure-fire method: BOYCOTT. All fans and media need to boycott Deontay Wilder until he steps into the ring to fight Joshua.

If Wilder keeps drawing small crowds and low TV ratings his purses will stay small. And his handlers will be forced to sacrifice him to Joshua. and boxing will get the big fight it needs to see.

If Wilder can win the fight vs Joshua he deserves to be the big star, money making attraction his team desperately wants him to become.  If Wilder continues to duck Joshua and lie about the reasons for the duckery, he should be ignored and shunned or sent to the WWF.

Remember the plan: BOYCOTT Wilder until he fights Joshua.






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