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Oscar: Prime Pacquiao Kills Floyd

By Scoop Malinowski

Oscar De La Hoya fought both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in their respective primes and suddenly has decided to express his thoughts on what would have happened had Floyd and Manny tangled in their primes in 2010.

De La Hoya was asked by Inquirer.net about if he’d like to see Pac and May do a rematch and he replied “I hope not.  Because Manny’s not the same. There’s a reason why Floyd waited so long. There’s a reason why Floyd waited so long to fight me. I’ll tell you the truth, I’ll give Floyd the edge over Manny any day because Manny has been in wars, Manny has fought better opposition in their prime.”

Then Oscar dropped the bombshell that few American boxing figures dare to say, because it does not fit the constructed narrative.

“Absolutely, if they fought in their prime, Pacquiao would have beaten (Floyd) easily. It would have been very different had they met earlier.”

And no one would know better than De La Hoya who had his face rearranged and battered by Pacquiao in eight rounds in 2008 but was unmarked and unscathed after twelve rounds against Mayweather in 2007.





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