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Wilder’s Latest Duck Strategy To Avoid Joshua

Boycotting Wilder is the only way to force Wilder vs Joshua-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski

Now that Deontay Wilder and his team have dodged Anthony Joshua for 2018 by refusing to sign Eddie Hearn’s $20m contract, there is still plenty of work (ducking) to do, because Hearn and Joshua are still pushing and making offers to set the fight for April 2019. The best being a $20m two fight deal with Wilder being able to handpick a patsy for later this year for an easy free $5m (by far the biggest payday of his career) and then $15m for Joshua next April at Wembley.

Wilder’s latest moves are to continue lying in interviews that Joshua doesn’t want the fight but he’s added additional duck moves because he knows that projecting his ducking onto Joshua is not convincing to anyone but a lot of American fools and dopes. Obviously Joshua and Hearn want the fight and that’s why they are constantly barraging Wilder with relentless, lucrative offers and contracts to seal the fight. Joshua has signed the latest contract but Wilder of course will not.

So now Wilder, cornered and exposed, can only reinforce his ducking excuses with more ducking excuses. This week Wilder has demanded the ridiculous 50-50 split despite the reality Joshua holds three of the four belts and earns and draws far, far greater live gate numbers and dollars than he does.

Wilder is also now adding that he doesn’t “trust Hearn.” This is a move out of the Mayweather ducking Pacquiao playbook, remember Mayweather used the Bob Arum card to duck Pacquiao for years claiming he won’t do business with Bob Arum because he’s a “grumpy old man.”

Additionally, this week Team Wilder have most likely hired Haymon employee Luis Ortiz to say to the media that he thinks Wilder will knock out Joshua in three rounds (media manipulation). Gee, Luis, why doesn’t Wilder have your confidence and just go for the $20m and then $40m if he wins the fight? Any why isn’t Ortiz telling Wilder to stop with the excuses and just fight Joshua for the $20m?  Because Ortiz is a paid shill employee of Haymon and he’s not allowed to say anything to make Wilder look like the ducking coward he is.

So prepare yourself for more Joshua/Hearn pressure on Wilder and also many more excuses and lies and duckery from the biggest fraud in boxing, Deontay Wilder.  Joshua vs Wilder obviously isn’t happening for years and 100% of the blame goes on Wilder and his team or protectors who want to try to fabricate Wilder to 51-0.


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