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Could Fury vs Wilder be an inside job?

By Scoop Malinowski

Could Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder be an inside job? I’m suspicious how suddenly this fight has popped up. It has also been suspicious how Fury has taken Wilder’s side in the Joshua vs Wilder negotiations. Fury is no dope, he has to know the truth – that Wilder is the one who agreed to the contract but sat on it for nearly two weeks and refused to sign, then after the WBA said enough is enough waiting, and forced AJ to face his mandatory Povetkin, then Wilder reverts back to demanding 50-50.

Fury taking Wilder’s side suggests collusion, a joining of forces to discredit the man at the top of the mountain, Joshua.

It’s rather convenient that Fury and Wilder are suddenly trying to make a business deal as both are in unstable situations. Wilder has blatantly ducked a fight with Anthony Joshua with a plethora of lies, smokescreens, fake offers, bluffs and of course his key escape hatch, the outrageous demand of 50-50.

Fury is still fat and coming off a circus like win against a tomato can, which did little to restore his lost credibility after the long hiatus and drug and mental issues.

The perfect remedy of the situation for both Wilder and Fury would be to fight to a sparring session draw in December. Then Fury can shout from the mountain top he’s back. And Wilder can keep screaming Bombzquad after finally adding a real name to his record and not just another Al Haymon employee/patsy/diver.

The key to knowing if this fight, if it’s signed in the near future, is an authentic fight and not an inside job will be how Fury behaves. If he treats Wilder with respect and does not assassinate his character flaws – as he did with Wladimir Klitschko – then it will be 100% obvious the fight is a business arrangement to serve both parties.

Only if Fury tries to verbally abuse and humiliate Wilder with cruelty and nastiness, as he did to Klitschko, will we know this fight is REAL.

If it’s real it will be a fascinating and intriguing clash of styles and personalities and egos. But I’m not holding my breath or accepting things on face value.

Fury and Wilder both have too much baggage and needs right now. Both are in the shadows of the true King, Anthony Joshua.

It is in both Fury and Wilder’s interests – and their teams – to join forces and try to lionize their images and reputations. And give each of their camp’s more leverage against Joshua in the future.

If Wilder scores a draw against Fury, he can use that to demand 50-50 vs Joshua. Do you understand?

If Wilder gets a close decision win over Fury he can also use that to demand even more than a 50-50 split in his favor as Fury is still the linear heavyweight champion. Team Wilder can then act like they call the shots. And they can tell Joshua and Eddie Hearn to go **** themselves if they don’t dance to their tunes and terms.

It’s conceivable that Fury could throw the fight and lose¬† a close decision and just blame it on the fact he’s still out of shape and that he rushed into this fight. Fury losing a close decision to Wilder would actually add more value to his status than another circus win against another tomato can. Do you understand?

I may be over-speculating about all of this but something really stinks here. And I know “Al Haymon can manipulate anything,” because Paulie Malignaggi revealed that bombshell about Haymon years ago before ultimately signing with Haymon.

Haymon and Wilder are desperate right now and it’s plausible they will do anything to try to get ahead of Joshua without actually fighting him.

Isn’t it interesting that Team Wilder are stonewalling Hearn’s $8m offer to fight Dillian Whyte in New York City? Why not fight Whyte first and then Fury after? That’s a lot of money. But of course, facing Whyte is a major risk.

Something really stinks about this sudden Fury-Wilder alliance.









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