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Super Ring 10 Event in NYC on Sunday Sept. 23


A very special event is coming to New York City on Sunday Sept 23, the Ring 10 eighth Annual Gala, which is a celebration of some of the greatest champions of the modern era as well as a fundraiser to help some of those fighters who are in need.


This year’s Gala, organized by former New York middleweight contender Matt Farrago,  is the best to date, in attendance will be Roberto Duran, Vinny Paz, John Scully, Franks Tate, Iran ‘The Blade’ Barkley, Junior Jones, Gerry Cooney, Mark Breland, Jimmy Glenn and many more.

In some ways events like this are better than being at ringside for a major event at Madison Square Garden or Convention Hall in Atlantic City because you can amble up to a global icon like Roberto Duran and ask him straight up, “What was your strategy for the first Leonard fight?” He will tell you what it was.

You can approach Iran Barkley and ask, “Did you know Donald Trump said your fight with Duran was his favorite boxing event he ever staged in Atlantic City?” The fighters are friendly and engaging and enjoy meeting with boxing enthusiasts who appreciate their amazing careers which all of us remember in detail. The atmosphere and energy at a sentimental function like this is beyond words.

The Gala also serves another purpose: it helps to raise money for fighters who have hit hard times and need a push to bounce back or who need medical assistance. Iran Barkley fell on hard times a few years ago but through generosity and kindness of certain individuals, he’s bounced back and established a productive life.

“This is Ring 10s yearly event that allows them to collect funds to help guys like Gerald McLellan and Wilfred Benitez and so many others,” said Scully, a former world title challenger and current trainer, TV commentator and journalist for Boxing News of England. “If this isn’t successful then a lot of guys aren’t going to get the help they need.”

These boxers risked their lives making the sport great. These boxers thrilled us with memories for a lifetime. I will be there at the Marina Del Rey restaurant in the Bronx on September 23 at 11 am and I hope you will too.


For ticket info go to the Ring 10 web site. 


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