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Is Bernard Hopkins Contemplating A Comeback?

One of the greatest champions in the history of the squared circle has been spotted training in Miami, Florida this week.

Bernard Hopkins, now 53, retired from boxing following his KO loss to Joe Smith in late 2016. But according to one of his Instagram accounts, Hopkins has been drawn back to the gym, particularly the recently re-opened Fifth Street Gym in Miami Beach. In one video he’s shown sprinting up a grass hill. In another he’s shadowboxing and hitting a heavy bag. Hopkins comments about each were “This is how I look with rust” and “Doing what I love to do most.”

Hopkins, who looks fit and trim, after a 28-year pro career which produced a final ring record of 55-8-2 (32 KOs), could be contemplating a second farewell fight to erase the humiliating imagery of being bombarded out of the ring by Smith.

Such a brutal loss for Hopkins in his final pro fight was not befitting for such an all time legend of the game who deserves another chance to choreograph a more suitable grand finale. In other words, Hopkins deserves to go out on his terms against a handpicked patsy of his choosing.

But knowing Hopkins, who never ever shied away from facing the very best in all the decades he boxed as a pro – from the late 80s to 2016, he may have detected a flaw in Eleider Alvarez, who knocked out his pal Sergey Kovalev earlier this month to win the Light Heavyweight title. Perhaps Hopkins is considering the possibility to try to challenge Alvarez?

The bottom line is Bernard Hopkins has begun training again, whether it’s for the love of the process that he misses in his retirement, or because he feels the itch to compete again, we will just have to wait and see what happens next. Stay tuned…

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