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Wilder-Fury Alliance Aims To Diminish and Discredit Joshua

By Scoop Malinowski

It’s becoming clear now. This Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury Alliance has one major aim – to diminish, discredit and ultimately block Joshua out of the US market, while also chipping away at his gigantic profile in Great Britain.

Joshua has a virtual monopoly in the UK, filling up soccer stadiums no matter who he fights. So the competition of Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn have a lot of work to do. They don’t dare try to fight Joshua in the ring so what they are trying to do is beat Joshua outside the ring with words and lies and Anti-AJ propoganda.

It’s been a non stop smear campaign by the Anti AJ brigade ever since Shelly Finkel agreed on Hearn’s terms of $15 million but then sat on the contract silently for almost two weeks until the WBA stepped in and mandated Joshua to fight his mandatory Povetkin.

Wilder and his team were exposed right then and there. They had the contract which they publicly agreed to but refused to sign. Since then it’s been non stop assaults about $50 million dollar offers, 50-50 or nothing, and repeating their lie that Joshua is afraid of Wilder over and over and over. Repeat the lie enough and the masses will eventually believe it.

Joshua has won three belts and fought the best so the claim that he’s suddenly afraid of a protected American fraud who only has been permitted to fight a series of Al Haymon employees and stiffs is laughable. Joshua is a major money maker star and if he loses to Wilder, his comeback will draw even bigger numbers. Wilder is the one that can’t afford to lose by KO to AJ. If Wilder loses he’s finished as a draw. FINISHED. As finished as Seth Mitchell, Duane Bobick, Calvin Brock, Sultan Ibragimov, Phil Jackson, Michael Grant were when they lost badly in their big heavyweight moments of truth.

Wilder makes no money and a loss kills his career. That’s why I have great suspicions about the authenticity of Wilder vs Fury. I smell a fake injury in the works or a choreographed draw which would set up a long term relationship/rivalry. Fury and Wilder have joined forces to unite against Joshua with no plans to ever fight Joshua. It’s Lewis vs Bowe all over again. Like the Bowe side back in the 90s, Fury and Wilder believe they can make big money without having to fight the King Joshua. They will try to discredit and disparage Joshua with concerted smear campaigns to try to block AJ from invading the US market.

My theory is Wilder and Fury think they can generate huge bucks by isolating and freezing out Joshua. Expect more major boxing figures like Lennox Lewis to shill for Wilder and Fury while blaming Joshua and Hearn for ducking or not being aggressive enough to try to make a deal with Wilder. Why won’t Lennox dare Wilder to be great by facing AJ in London? Wilder is the one who makes no money and draws minor league crowds in USA. How could Lennox possibly put the onus on AJ to make the fight, he’s already great, Wilder is still a minor league, low class jackass misfit.

Right now the propaganda smear campaign is working. Many Americans believe the lies of the Wilder side which sat on the agreed on contract for almost two weeks. And Hearn and Joshua don’t speak out enough to the US media to combat the relentless disinformation smear campaigns that have been launched against them.

These days in America, it’s about who has the biggest mouth. The strong silent type like Pacquiao and Joshua can’t possibly win a war of words against a non stop lying fraud like Mayweather and Wilder. The American boxing establishment is behind Wilder, he’s all they have.

Think about it: the American boxing establishment is so very desperate right now for any heavyweight star and Wilder is the closest thing to it. With a little more protection and some guaranteed wins, Wilder possibly could become a major money maker.  Shelly Finkel and Al Haymon have a lot invested in Wilder. They can’t afford to see him asleep on the canvas via the fists of Anthony Joshua.

But the key part of the Haymon Finkel formula is to make absolutely certain Wilder never has to fight Joshua or Dillian Whyte for $8m.







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