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Wilder vs Fury: Breland Has Major Concerns

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By Scoop Malinowski

Deontay Wilder’s trainer Mark Breland has seen a lot of pugilistic styles in his over four decades in the sweet science but the complicated puzzle that Tyson Fury presents is a new look.

Breland tried to analyze how he sees Fury vs Wilder playing out. “A lot of fighters have holes but Fury is a different fighter,” said the former WBC Welterweight champion and 1984 Olympic gold medalist yesterday at the Ring 10 Awards Benefit Fundraiser in Bronx, NY. “Fury is a fighter that doesn’t know what he’s going to do in the ring, he just does whatever comes into his mind. So how the hell do you know what to do in response? He just swings and hits you with something, some kind of crazy punch (imitates a wide roundhouse right). You can’t figure some one out like that. Deontay is a guy with a style. Fury has no style.”

Still unbeaten, Fury is known as a spontaneous, creative boxer who uses his extraordinary height and reach and smooth, elegant movements to matador and outbox opponents. Even the mighty Wladimir Klitschko, one of the greatest heavyweight champions in history, failed to solve the Fury puzzle when they boxed over twelve rounds three years ago. But Breland thinks he knows a solution.

“You can’t just jump in on Fury. You gotta draw him in. See what he’s gonna do. You gotta use the jab, use the jab. Fool around with him. Then he’s gonna do something stupid. And then we counter.”

Presumably unsure about that approach, then Breland offered another strategic idea. “Go out there and be first, be first. If  you take charge and be first, he don’t know what to give back.”

Breland and Wilder still have plenty of time to refine and sharpen up there battle plans for Wilder to apply on Fury. The WBC Heavyweight showdown is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles or Las Vegas in early December.

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