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Fury Verbally Destroys Wilder in New York City

By Scoop Malinowski

In a press conference that resembled the verbal and wit gulf between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, Tyson Fury soundly slaughtered Deontay Wilder on Tuesday afternoon on the USS Intrepid in New York City.

The World War II ship served as a playground for Fury as he toyed with and abused the inept Wilder in a brutal mismatch.

Both fighters were introduced to a stage, where they each took different stances. Wilder sat in a chair dressed in all black. The WBC Champion spoke first and droned on the tired old cliches about how his power and big personality sparked new life into the heavyweight division. But Wilder is dull and boring and his words can’t keep your attention, he has no star power, no charisma, just the right handlers and managers who have installed him into this position that he is not adequate to handle.

Then Fury took over the event. Strolling around the stage with microphone in hand,  Fury, dressed in a casual suit with no tie, commanded an extraordinary presence as he proceeded to destroy Wilder with mere words. It was like watching and listening to Muhammad Ali at his best.

“He’s a proper bum.”

“He won’t land a punch on me with those wide looping punches.”

“Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?”

“He’s got no fans because he’s a bum, he’s a bum. Nobody even knows him in his own country.”

“He’s a bum. He beat 35 tomato cans.”

“He has spaghetti legs.”

“I’m gonna make the bum quit. Show him what it’s like to fight a real man, a real champion. He won the title from a bum Stiverne.”

As Fury strode around the stage, smiling and mocking Wilder, he added, “He knows to sit in the presence of greatness.”

At some point, you almost wondered why Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel didn’t come running out and drag their beaten bum of a fraud off the stage, so he couldn’t be destroyed any more. It was like watching a dead horse being beaten for an hour. You wondered how could Haymon and Finkel allow their prized possession to be put in a position like this where he was made to look like a complete, helpless fool.

Wilder has no wit, no intelligence to say anything funny or interesting, just the same old unoriginal pre-scripted one liners like Bombzquad, I’m knocking this guy spark out, Timberrrr, he thinks this is a game. etc.

When Fury sang “There’s only one Tyson Fury!” Idiot Wilder could only think of imitating Fury for his big verbal retaliation: “There’s only one Bronze Bomber!”

Fury kept insulting his easy target. “He works for me carrying around my bags.”

A typical Wilder comeback: “I’m the most feared man in boxing.”

Fury showed quick wit with his reply: “Is that why I took the fight?”

Wilder began to show agitation as he was being thoroughly outclassed and outwitted by Fury. “The more you talk, the more you gonna make it worse for you.”

Wilder became so uncomfortable and embarrassed sitting in his chair while Fury verbally humiliated him, he finally felt the urgency to get up and strut around the stage, copying the master of the ceremony.

Fury never looked threatened or at a loss for words. It was all so perfectly easy for him. Just like how he verbally humiliated and abused Wladimir Klitschko, he did the exact same to Wilder. And let me tell you, it was a complete destruction. And there is no way the American media will be able to spin doctor and sugarcoat it.

And there’s no doubt this mismatch we saw today will transfer to the ring on December 1, unless of course, Wilder’s deep pocketed and desperate handlers and protectors manipulate some kind of inside job deal or a sudden fake injury springs up before Dominic Breazeale steps in as a substitute.

Fury was laughing and smiling for the entire duration of the beatdown which lasted about 20 minutes. “I can feel his heartbeat through his shirt, he’s so nervous around me. Look how nervous he is around me.”

Finally somebody cut off Wilder’s microphone as he was saying something not worth listening to and then Fury said, “We’re being told to leave the stage (to do interviews with the media), the last word is this: I’m gonna knock this bum out.”

Based on what I saw and heard this afternoon, Fury has already knocked out Wilder. The mental fight is over, it wasn’t even a fight. Like Andrew Golota once told me, if you can mentally beat your opponent, it makes the physical part easier.

Wilder is going to need more than a miracle to beat Tyson Fury on December 1. If his handlers, protectors and controllers decide to proceed with the fight.





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