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Biofile: Avril Mathie Interview

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Status: Female professional bantamweight boxer and world renowned swimsuit model will face Samantha Salazar at Fire Fist Boxing’s “Night of Champions” card Saturday, October 6 at the St. Petersburg Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL.

Record: 2-0, 2 KOs.

First memory of boxing: I don’t know.

Boxing inspirations: Skills – Floyd Mayweather or Lomachenko, Heart – Chris Algieri.

First famous boxer you met or encountered: Sam Soliman or Danny Green maybe? Aussies.

First job in your life: Local supermarket bakery and check out.

Current car: Don’t have one.

Favorite meal: Bread and cheese.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Macadamia.

Last book read: Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pre-fight feeling / mindset: This is my stage and she (opponent) is there to make me look good.

Greatest moment of your career so far: In general, just the awesome people I meet through this sport.

Most painful moment: Getting hit by a motorbike last month and having my shin destroyed.

Favorite boxers to watch: Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson.

Favorite fights you have watched: Lomachenko vs Lineares recently was amazing.

Favorite sport outside boxing: to watch? Rugby league or gymnastics. To participate? Running.

How did you begin boxing, what age were you?  25. I was doing Muay Thai for fitness and broke my foot so couldn’t kick or throw knees. Boxing is much more strategic and so it made me want to compete.

Funny boxing memory:  In one of my fights my breast protectors came out of my top and my male team had to very awkwardly put them back in for me [smiles].

Funniest boxers you’ve encountered: Paulie Malignaggi cracks me up.

Strangest fight: When I drank too much coffee the day of one of my amateur fights and was a complete scatterbrain.

Embarrassing boxing memory: It takes a lot to embarrass me, I can’t think of any… maybe a time I met someone famous at the gym and had no idea who they are. That actually happens to me all the time in US [smiles].

Why do you love boxing: It’s the ultimate test, of intelligence, strategy, fitness, speed, movement, power, resilience, etc, and I’m the most competitive person on the planet that loves to entertain.

People qualities most admired: If people make me laugh, I love them.


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