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Hearn and Joshua Continue Relentless Pressure on Wilder

Fury and Wilder Try To Sell Their Fight in London-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski

As Deontay Wilder prepares for his December fight with Tyson Fury in Los Angeles, Anthony Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn continues to pressure Wilder to commit to facing Joshua in a Heavyweight title unification fight in April 2019.

Eddie Hearn said: “I saw (Deontay) Wilder came out and say he wants 60-40 if he beats Fury.”

“It frustrates me that people are actually thick enough to think he wants this fight when he comes out with comments like that. At the moment I think a split of 65-35 in AJ’s favor is fair.”

“Nobody knows who Deontay Wilder is. But if his fight with Tyson Fury does a million buys plus then he can have 50-50.”

“But if he does under 300,000 buys he should have taken 80-20.”

If Hearn continues to irritate Wilder with such logical, plausible and fair offers, it would not be a shock if Wilder finally cracks and demands a completely illogical 90-10 split in his favor or threatens again to cut weight and drop down to cruiserweight or even light heavyweight. Just to finally get Hearn and Joshua off his back once and for all.

The quiet, humble, looming presence of Anthony Joshua is exposing Wilder’s Mayweather/Haymon scheme which is to rig his way to an extended hoax reign filled with guaranteed, choreographed wins. If Wilder was the real, authentic deal and a true champion, he would eagerly want the chance to put his fists on Joshua to prove to the world he is the best. But all we get is nothing but resistance and excuses from Wilder to keep on ducking Joshua.

It should be clear by now Wilder is running scared from Joshua and only wants more “fights” with opponents that are controlled by Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel.  As time goes by it’s looking more and more like Tyson Fury, a good personality but not a proven seller, has been hired at a considerable price, to play the B side punching bag for Wilder.



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