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Wilder Insists Fury Fight Is Not “Scripted”

By Scoop Malinowski

Deontay Wilder is promising a violent knockout of Tyson Fury in December, the outcome he has “envisioned” to happen after he adjusts to Fury around the middle to later rounds.

Then Wilder continued to share more details about the fight with Fury, as if it’s all been pre-choreographed by a Hollywood or pro wrestling director.

“Tyson and I are friends, but nothing is scripted. We’re going to be able to separate ourselves as fighters in the ring from any personal relationship. If you go back and you look at my first-round knockout of Malik Scott, Malik was as close to me as a brother,” Wilder said to the PBC web site.

Of course, Scott took a blatantly obvious dive in the first round in 2014 against Wilder in a fight which was staged to build up the then 30-0 Wilder as a knockout puncher – and to give the non-selling, fading 33 year old Scott a final payday.

“So you know it’s going to be very easy for me to transform from Deontay Wilder to the ‘Bronze Bomber’ against Fury. This fight will truly live up to the hype. I’m going to unleash the beast for the world to see, and I’m gonna beat Tyson Fury’s ass in the biggest fight in the world.”

Yes, it sure sounds as if Wilder knows he’s got the automatic win in the bag vs. Fury. For some strange reason he hasn’t the same confidence to take on Joshua.

Wilder has the big money backing him with Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel desperate to become major players in heavyweight boxing again. They feel a win over Fury will catapult Wilder into becoming a major A side superstar.

When Wilder tried to assert to you that this fight with his pal Fury is not “scripted” you have to wonder why he felt the need to make such a disclaimer. Have you ever heard of a high profile American fighter selling you that his next alleged superfight is not a fixed, scripted event?

This all reminds me of when Riddick Bowe said to Lennox Lewis who confronted him moments after he beat Evander Holyfield in Las Vegas in 1992… Bowe declared to Lennox, straight to his face: “I’m not afraid of you.” Lewis replied, “Then why do you have to say it?”


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