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Five questions about Wilder vs Fury

There are some odd elements to this Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder fight which don’t make sense…


1. What is the purse percentage split? Considering what a massive point of dispute the percentage splits were for Wilder vs Joshua, it’s mind boggling that the splits for Fury and Wilder has never been revealed. This aspect combined with the revelation that both are admitted friends, leads one to suspect the fight could be an inside job.


2. Why isn’t Fury verbally savaging Wilder like he did Wladimir Klitschko during their pre-fight build-up? Yes, they say they are friends but nobody really knows how or why they became friends. But Fury and Klitschko spent time together in Detroit at Kronk Gym when Fury was very young so why didn’t they become friends like Wladimir and Joshua did from their times together at training camps? Fury is verbally savaging himself more than he is Wilder, by talking about his suicidal tendencies and battles with depression. Why would Fury openly talk about this and show this kind of weakness? Could he be laying the groundwork excuse when he loses the “fight” by promoting his psychological weakness?


3.  Fury’s two comeback fights could not have generated much money, in the shadows of the heavyweight kingpin Anthony Joshua. Compound that with two years off…could Fury be in a position where he could need to take a bonus to lose to the American who has huge financial backing and is desperately needed now by the American establishment to be their sellable knockout machine star?


4. Fury and Wilder have spoken more verbal wrath against Anthony Joshua than they have about each other. Which could indicate they have a secret partnership to diminish and discredit the dominant superstar heavyweight cash cow franchise monopoly Anthony Joshua. In a way, Wilder and Fury sound like two liberal fake news democrats desperately trying to discredit and diminish the President of the United States Donald Trump.


5.  In this day and age of boxing being a business and not a sport, ask yourself which of Wilder and Fury have the greater upside to generate long term profits and revenues? Which one could afford to lose more than the other? Which one has more invested in him at this point? Could it be possible that Fury has been subcontracted to play the patsy for Wilder after Wilder so obviously blatantly ducked Joshua?


I sincerely hope these suspicions are totally unfounded and Wilder vs Fury is a real fight and not “scripted” as Wilder has even publicly claimed.  If any of you find it alarming that Wilder said last week that this fight with Wilder is not a fix, join the club. Why on earth would Wilder feel the  need to say this fight with Fury is not a fix?


I have tremendous respect for Tyson Fury. His mental and physical destruction of Klitschko was one of the finest displays of intelligent heavyweight boxing I have ever seen, a first class masterpiece. Fury psyched out Klitschko with his verbal genius, insulting and mocking the weak points of Klitschko’s style and personality, while showing supreme confidence which, along with his brilliant boxing skills, confused and threatened Klitschko and made him fight tentatively. What Fury did to Klitschko was on par with anything Mayweather, Holmes, Hopkins, Whitaker ever did. Klitschko was the dominant king of the heavyweight division but he had no ideas of what to do to offset Fury. Keep in mind how good Klitschko looked in his next fight vs Joshua, in which his brother and Roy Jones Jr. both said that was Wladimir’s finest offensive performance.

So I have the utmost respect for Fury. But this fight worries me because it looks like a set up for Wilder. Money runs the sport and the big money is behind Wilder now. And when the big shots really want their money fighter to win, strange things happen…like No Mas in New Orleans.

Again, I really hope Wilder vs Fury is legit and it turns out to be a thriller on a level playing field.


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