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Haymon Protecting Gervonta Davis From Tevin Farmer

By Scoop Malinowski

Tevin Farmer has exposed how Al Haymon operates – identify his key asset boxers and then manufacture them to stardom via protection and um, well you know.

Here is an interview exchange by Boxing Talk’s Greg Leon and the 28 year old IBF Super Featherweight champ from this week…

Greg Leon: Are we going to see you and Tank this year? Is that going to happen?
Tevin Farmer: “Man, f**k Tank.”
GL: You’ve been on the phone with me before and have said f**k Tank and then I see you at fights and you and Tank are only talking about fighting each other and mouthing off at each other, but when you’re on with me it’s f**k that fight.
TF: “That’s going to be my answer in all of the other interviews too. That’s just a fight that’s not going to happen. The guys on the ohter side are never going to let that happen. They want him to be their cash cow and they’re going to protect him.”
Like I’ve been saying for years now, that is how Haymon operates. Just like the music industry method of creating a star: Identify, create and then manufacture the potential star via safe, easy, set up fights against hired patsies, while dodging and avoiding anyone that can beat the hired actor/marginal talent being groomed to be a future star.
Haymon thinks the public is stupid and can’t tell the difference. This is the formula also being used to manufacture Deontay Wilder into a future cash cow franchise. The formula succeeded for Floyd Mayweather but it has failed with Errol Spence, Keith Thurman, Adonis Stevenson and the rest of the Haymon PBC roster of pugilists.
Haymon does not have the confidence in his top boxers to risk them against the best. Nor does he care to show up and watch any of his PBC shows live from ringside. It’s as if he knows exactly what’s going to  happen in the boxing cards he produces. Could they be WWF choreographs? Well, who knows for sure. But truth is stranger than fiction.
So don’t expect to see Farmer vs Davis, Spence vs Crawford or Wilder vs Joshua any time soon.
Because Tevin Farmer just dropped a major truth bomb…Al Haymon wants Davis, Spence and Wilder to be his cash cows. And Al Haymon is going to protect them.
Tevin Farmer is a very reliable, legit source. He has firsthand insider experience about what it’s like to be a high risk dangerous champion trying to set a fight with an Al Haymon protected fraud like Gervonta Tank Davis.

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