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More Al Haymon Media Manipulation

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By Scoop Malinowski

Al Haymon carefully protects his fighters from dangerous fights, you should all know that by now. If you don’t, maybe you need to re-enroll and do over elementary school. One of Haymon’s key defense mechanisms to protect his key fighters is to manipulate them to talk big outside the ring, which is an attempt to cloak their duckery and cowardice.

Last week, Haymon was at it again, puppeteering two of his key boxers Errol Spence and Gervonta Davis to talk big words while of course producing little actions.

Spence went on record to say Davis would knock out pound for pound superstar Vasyl Lomachenko and then Davis declared that Spence would knock out pound for pound titan Terence Crawford.

Both Crawford and Lomachenko are promoted by Bob Arum. The old promoter has said many times that Haymon has made no contact or attempt to try to make either of those fights while Arum has publicly declared he is eager to make Crawford vs Spence and Loma vs Davis as soon as possible.

Haymon is under fire now because the public is beginning to realize how Haymon operates and that it is Haymon who is the constant blocker of big fights where his key fighters would be at risk of losing badly, as has happened twelve of the thirteen times Haymon fighters have boxed Arum fighters.

So Haymon has to do damage control to hide his cowardice and the best way he can think of to do that is to puppeteer his fighters to take cheap verbal shots at Arum fighters while steadfastly refusing to fight them. It’s all bull jive and smoke and mirrors with Al Haymon and his clown fighters. Talk big but only fight handpicked patsies and Haymon employees and sacrificial lambs.

Spence and Davis have been designated to be star fighters in Haymon’s minor league boxing circuit and thus they have to be carefully protected. But the only way to create a boxing star is to match him dangerously and see if he can beat the best. This is something Haymon NEVER does. Thus he has no major money maker fighters to control, just a bunch of pretenders, hoaxes and big mouth frauds like Deontay Wilder.

Ask yourself this: If Al Haymon is so good for boxing and his boxing shows are so entertaining and competitive with electric atmospheres, why does Haymon never even show up live at ringside to watch his own fights? And why does Haymon never ever give an interview to hype up and proudly talk about his entertainment content like Arum and Don King always eagerly did?

It’s most likely because Al Haymon already knows the results of all of his “fights” well before they happen. Everything that happens in an Al Haymon boxing ring is designed to improve and increase Haymon’s power and leverage in the sport. Not to take risks and give the fans and the sport the very best, most competitive fights.

As one wise sage once said, “Al Haymon is Vince McMahon.” Truer words may have never been spoken.

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