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Mayweather Admits He’s Handpicking Patsies For Davis

Floyd Mayweather is known as one of the most protected boxers in ring history, with a career renowned for handpicking safe, easy fights and ducking and dodging formidable, high risk threats. Mayweather has carried over his no risk, all reward business model from his lucrative boxing career to his promoting career. Mayweather is now protecting Gervonta Davis from losing and even admitted it.
“Every time (Davis) has came to me,” Mayweather said, “when I say, ‘Who you wanna fight?,’ he say, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ So he don’t pick and choose. So, if y’all wanna criticize anybody, criticize me, criticize Leonard Ellerbe or criticize whoever. But don’t criticize the fighters. The fighter’s job is to go out there and fight and be the best that they could possibly be.”

Mayweather knows, to be a force and success in boxing as a promoter, the asset can’t lose. He must be guided to nothing but wins, whether by hook or by crook. Money Mayweather knows the foundation for success for The Money Team is to make certain the asset fighter DOES NOT LOSE.

So be sure of one thing: With Mayweather as boss, Davis will never fight anything but inside job, in house set ups which will all turn out to be guaranteed wins. That’s how The Money Team operates. That’s the only surefire way to try to create a profitable boxing attraction if you know the deep down truth is your asset is nothing but a B level fraud pretender.

That’s what American boxing has become now, a bunch of protected, spoiled, limited talents, all lacking the confidence to dare to be great and take on the best. Yes, that’s the state of American boxing since the great Bernard Hopkins departed the scene.

And there’s only one man in the media telling it like it is.

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