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What happened to the Fury-Wilder Friendship?

By Scoop Malinowski

What I find very suspicious is how Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury came to terms so easily for their first fight last year. Now suddenly Fury has joined forces with Arum and now Wilder suddenly hates his old buddy and business partner Fury. Fury and Arum only want to take one fight each before the rematch which makes perfect sense to build it up. Why Wilder is so opposed to that smart business idea is just a smokescreen to the real problem – Arum’s involvement. Wilder Finkel and Haymon can’t rig Fury now to do another draw where each of their value goes up. Wilder knows he can’t beat Fury in a real fight without Haymon corruption. So Wilder will never fight Fury with Bob Arum involved. Understand? Wilder should be happy he can get a free, ea$y win vs Haymon patsy Breazeale before the risky rematch with Fury. Wilder only wants to fight Fury when he knows Haymon has him under control and the outcome is pre-arranged. With Bob Arum involved now, that’s not the case. Fury vs Wilder rematch will never happen, as I’ve said all along since December.

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