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Lomachenko Shows How A Champion Acts

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By Scoop Malinowski

Vasyl Lomachenko is thebest fighter in the world today. Inside the ring he is a creative genius and artist, exhibiting his spectacular arsenal of punches and combinations and moves no other fighter in history has shown.

Naturally a super champion of the caliber of this Ukrainian marvel has a regal, class which he also demonstrates in how he conducts himself outside the fighting arena.

Lately the high class Lomachenko has been verbally attacked by a low class big talker named Teofimo Lopez who is trying to talk his way into the big money super fights. Lopez, A Mexican American, has used disrespectful language and verbal attacks of Lomachenko to try build up his profile and fame.

Lomachenko has taken notice of the behavior of Lopez and addressed it this week.


“In this situation, objectively, as well as subjectively, its clear that they are trying to show their strength. A strong person is never going to shout about it, they are never going to try to insult somebody. That person is just going to silently do their thing and prove it with their actions and not words,” Lomachenko said to Loma TV.

“So far, it’s just a lot of talking, him showing his strategic thinking in, probably, business. Because before that, when he wasn’t saying anything, nobody knew who he was or even heard his name despite the fact that he ended his fights with knockouts. At some point they probably chose the strategy or a tactic to use my name to promote him and promote that fight, in order to make money on that.”

Lomechenko then took what appeared to be a subtle, veiled shot at the American public for it’s tendency to be impressed by and give too much credence to big talking frauds and protected pretenders which pollute the industry, specifically Deontay Wilder, Gervonta Davis, Errol Spence, Floyd Mayweather, to name particular big talking, small action business fighters.

“Its working pretty well, because the people in America swallows that, so its working pretty well. On my side, I like that too, because I’m in a very good situation, in a very good position. He has talked himself into so much that I know exactly how I’m going to hold that fight. I’m going to hold him accountable in that fight for every word that has been said.”

“Additionally, I don’t need to do anything to promote that fight. I’m not going to do anything, I’ll stay silent, and then we will go into the ring, and in the ring each will do and show how much he is worth.”

What a breath of fresh air to see a true champion talk like this. To show the class and honor and also fierce pride that the current American fighters and phony belt holders lack totally.

In just a few seconds with his awesome majesty, Lomachenko showed his true colors and nature and how world champions are supposed to act. And he made Wilder, Davis, Spence and Mayweather looks like the loud mouthed, no class jackasses they unfortunately are.

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