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Haymon’s Scheme Is To Protect Wilder From Joshua Forever


By Scoop Malinowski

Al Haymon abhors losses. Losses are very bad for business. Haymon is 1-13 career vs Bob Arum and that grim reality is a major reason why Haymon’s PBC empire is still a failure because it has not produced a single major selling star. Haymon controls Spence, Davis, Broner, Garcia, Wilder, Thurman and Pacquiao but with the exception of Pacquiao – who is near the end – Haymon has no bankable stars to control and sell.

Deontay Wilder is the key asset that can make or break Haymon. A 41-0 (counterfeit) knockout machine with a controversial personality is the kind of asset that can save Haymon. Similar to how Floyd Mayweather was the key to Haymon’s success from 2006 to 2017.

Of course, Haymon had total control of Mayweather’s career and never let him lose. Read into that what you want. Haymon protected his key asset by any means necessary. The Pacquiao fight was not supposed to happen, as George Peterson revealed to me in late 2009. Peterson was the co-manager of Paul Williams and was disgusted that Haymon would never let Floyd fight Williams or Pacquiao. The only reason Floyd vs Pac happened was because CBS head honcho Les Moonves forced it to happen. Moonves was tired of the fading sales of Mayweather’s sparring sessions against Haymon’s hired patsies for guaranteed $25,000,000 each (six fight guaranteed Showtime deal). Moonves wanted a bigger return on his investment.

Now the same Mayweather business model of protect-the-key-asset (by any means necessary) is surely in effect with Wilder. Wilder will never fight Anthony Joshua or Dillian Whyte although Wilder and  his mouthpieces (Shelly Finkel, no longer Lou DiBella) will constantly say they will fight Joshua in the future, when the time is right, blah blah blah. Just like Mayweather always dangled that he would fight Pacquiao in the future, after he avenges his losses, when he gives me the lion’s share, when he leaves Bob Arum, etc.

But it’s a fact Floyd and Haymon intended to duck Pacquiao forever, hoping he would lose and fade away, or just flat out duck him and blame it on Bob Arum or BS drug testing. I have the inside information about Les Moonves role in forcing it on Floyd and Haymon. That’s a fact.

Wilder keeps dangling that he will fight AJ later later later, but he will not. He has to pretend that he will to keep his fans interested and his career momentum going. But losing to Joshua destroys Wilder and Haymon. Look, everybody on the inside knows Wilder is a protected fraud pretender with WWF level acting skills. Everybody knows Breazeale ate that punch for millions. Everybody knows Fury made an inside job deal to draw with Wilder because at that point Fury was irrelevant and he needed a big fight platform to bounce back into relevance. It’s highly probable Fury played soft with the inept Wilder and ate those two punches to make Wilder look good. The draw was agreed on to raise each of their values. Now that Bob Arum is with Fury, there is no chance that rematch is happening. Fury has major leverage now with his huge ESPN contract, he doesn’t need to play soft with Wilder this time. Haymon knows it and will avoid Arum and Fury. Remember, Haymon is 1-13 vs Arum.

So Wilder will keep winning his set up fights with an assortment of Haymon controlled patsies like Adam Kownacki and Luis Ortiz. But when the time comes next year where media and fan pressure will be intense to finally fight Joshua, Wilder and Haymon will block it with their money demands and smear campaigns against Eddie Hearn lowballing. Hearn has already offered Wilder a four fight $120,000,000 deal which involves two tomato can handpicks and two Joshua fights but Wilder rejected it.

Wilder’s planned route to fortune is to keep knocking out bums and patsies. Haymon thinks paying more patsies millions to stand there and drop their left hand to eat a Wilder right hand will continue to sell for years to come. Then the controlled media and puppets keep hyping Wilder up as the greatest puncher of all time. Throw enough mud on the wall and some of it will stick. Many fans will buy the fraud. Repeat the lie over and over and then it becomes accepted as truth.

Haymon hopes Joshua will lose sometime soon, like Pacquiao did. But hoping Joshua loses is a lot to wish for. Joshua is clearly the best and the pressure on Wilder to stop ducking and just fight Joshua will grow massively. Already most of the comments on Wilder’s social media indicate the majority of the public knows Wilder is a ducking fraud. It’s going to be difficult for Haymon and the Fraud Squad to be able to change that public opinion. One of Haymon’s top shills Lennox Lewis is already showing signs of frustration at being labeled as a PBC puppet.

The only real way to force Wilder and Haymon to cash out and face Joshua is to boycott all of Wilder’s fights and all of Haymon’s PBC “fights” involving Pacquiao, Thurman, Spence, Davis, everybody associated with Haymon and Showtime. Boycott is the only way to force the fight.

Even a full scale boycott may not work. Because Haymon and Wilder have no confidence to commit suicide vs Joshua. They won’t even fight Dillian Whyte and are rigging the WBC boss Mauricio Sulaiman to block Whyte, the number one contender, from beating Wilder. Why Whyte and Hearn are not taking legal action against the WBC is beyond comprehension. Remember Graciano Rocchigiani won an eight figure settlement from the WBC for stealing his belt and giving it to Roy Jones, a settlement that nearly destroyed the WBC.

Haymon is a desperate, cornered rat right now. His PBC empire is not making money and according to insider Rick Glasaer, PBC had already lost over $500,000,000 of investor capital. And still there is nothing to show for it.

Wilder is just a big talking illusion, a counterfeit pretender with a big machine backing him. Haymon is greedy beyond belief, and covets a lot more than the $120,000,000 Hearn offered.

It’s more than obvious Haymon will rig all of Wilder’s fights with that $120,000,000 dangling out there from London. Is anybody really dumb enough to think Haymon would let Wilder lose to Breazeale, Ortiz or Kownacki, three total non draws who have no potential to become a major A side superstar with Mike Tyson like selling power.

No. Wilder will be Primo Carnera’ed to keep winning every single one of this fights. Unless he can be Les Moonves’ed into being forced into fighting Joshua.

To Les Moonves Wilder into facing Joshua will require a total fan boycott of the biggest fraud in heavyweight history Deontay Wilder.


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