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My Interview with Sports.KZ about Golovkin

Two weeks before Gennady Golovkin fights Steve Rolls at Madison Square Garden, Sports.KZ editor Alexdr Strelnikov wanted to do an interview about my thoughts on the saga of the end of GGG’s illustrious and misunderstood career…
Sports.KZ: What do you think: what is happening in the GGG career lately, fits into the framework of the opinion that Golovkin accepted boxing rules as a business and follows Mayweather’s path?
Scoop Malinowski: I believe Golovkin is one of the greatest fighters in history but has been cheated by the American establishment which prioritizes North American fighters over Eastern European. Remember, the big American TV networks refused to televise several of the Klitschko titles fights – this showed their bias against great East European champions. Golovkin was denied his greatest performances in his prime which would have been wins over Canelo, Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto and Mayweather at 154. We never got to see those performances because these four future Hall of Famers knew they could not beat prime Golovkin. Now Golovkin is at the end and he has to make as much money as he can. The American boxing establishment cheated Golovkin and froze him out of the biggest fights until they robbed him twice against Canelo.
Sports.KZ:  Were you surprised when Golovkin broke up with Abel Sanchez?
Scoop Malinowski: No. Sanchez is an overrated trainer. In my opinion he did not make Golovkin great, Golovkin was already extraordinary. Sanchez rode Golovkin’s coattails for years. He should be grateful and accept what was offered him. And accept the reasons for Golovkin lowering his payment.
Sports.KZ:  What can a coach like Jonathon Banks give to a boxer like Gennady Golovkin?
Scoop Malinowski: To be honest, I don’t think anything of substance. Banks was not particularly impressive in his own ring performances, interviews or anything I heard him say to Wladimir Klitschko or anything Klitschko said about him. Banks is not regarded as a top trainer. Perhaps Golovkin hired him because he was unemployed and it’s only a small expense compared to what Sanchez wanted.
Sports.KZ:  The Сanelo-Golovkin’s fight is very profitable for both boxers. Does this mean that this 3 fight will take place in any case?
Scoop Malinowski: It will happen. Both of the first two fights were close and controversial and money makers. The sad and frustrating part that we all know is that the money fighter will win again because the long term earning power for the American boxing establishment is by keeping Canelo undefeated through the end of his guaranteed $300,000,000 contract.
Sports.KZ:  What do you think about the fight with Steve Rolls? What is it all for?
Scoop Malinowski: After the injustice of the two Canelo fights, Golovkin deserves an easy fight. Rolls will be an opportunity for Golovkin to show the boxing world if he is still great and in his prime, or if he’s declined, or how much he’s declined.
Sports.KZ:  In your opinion, why has Golovkin changed so much lately?
Scoop Malinowsk: It has to be extremely frustrating for him. He could very well be one of the all time greatest boxing champions ever, in the elite category of Ray Robinson, Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali, Bernard Hopkins, Manny Pacquiao, Henry Armstrong, Roberto Duran. But Golovkin was cheated out of proving his greatness. He didn’t get the big fights he earned in his prime years. So we never got to see Golovkin’s greatest performances. I believe he would have slaughtered Mayweather, Cotto, Martinez, and Canelo. And the awesome visuals of seeing those devastating wins would have proved Golovkin as the all time great super champion. Sadly, he was cheated out of showing his very best. He has every reason to be bitter and frustrated at the politics of boxing in America.
Sports.KZ:  Is it possible to expect big surprises from GGG in the near future, in your opinion?
Scoop Malinowski: No. He will never be allowed to beat Canelo. The big money has been invested in Canelo. Golovkin has been paid well for the Canelo fights. I don’t think he will ever reveal any secrets. Floyd Mayweather probably said the ugly truth in one interview when he was under extreme pressure to fight Pacquiao in 2010. Floyd was very depressed about all the pressure and actually said to the interviewer, “I don’t love boxing like I used to because boxing isn’t real anymore.” Yes Floyd actually said it, I saw the video. It’s easy to interpret those words. The sad truth is that Gennady Golovkin is one of the greatest champions in ring history. He made four future hall of famers run away from fighting him. I rate Golovkin as one of the best fighters I ever saw, same level as Ali, Leonard, Pacquiao, Calzaghe, Klitschkos, Lennox Lewis. It was an honor and privilege to witness the best years of his career. 

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