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Tyson Fury Has The Potential To Be The Greatest

By Scoop Malinowski

Tyson Fury is the closest thing the boxing world has ever seen since Muhammad Ali – and he can even sing too.

The parallels to Ali are numerous.  Fury is a marvel of a boxer with innate, sensational skills and moves, remarkable for a big man who stands six-foot, nine-inches. Fury can slip and slide, box and move, create a seemingly limitless array of maneuvers which made one of the greatest of all time Wladimir Klitschko look nearly helpless and clueless.

As dominant as Klitschko was, Fury is on another level with his varied arsenal of smooth athleticism and punch creativity. Even more troublesome is that Fury is so tall and elusive and well-coordinated, so it’s very difficult to connect a damaging punch to his head or even body.

Fury is also a sensational personality with more charisma, color, personality, humor and wit than the entire Klitschko and Larry Holmes eras combined.  He is another one in a billion Ali type character who can awe the public with his fighting talent and also his charming personality.

Fury’s free spirited nature has also gotten him into trouble, like Ali’s stand against the Vietnam war. After Fury defeated Klitschko four years ago, with a masterpiece boxing performance, he unleashed a series of politically incorrect interview ramblings about subjects world celebrities are forbidden from talking about – illuminati, satanism, zionism, Palestine, the Bible views on homosexuality, etc. Fury was blackballed from the sport for over a year until he zipped his lip from talking about these controversial subjects.

Now Fury will not discuss those taboo topics publicly anymore and he’s dedicated to boxing and training, consequently his career is exploding. The powers that be are in full support of him, particularly Bob Arum and ESPN, who believe and are investing heavily that Fury can actually become another Muhammad Ali type figure.

It’s absolutely possible. Boxing has been starving for decades for another heavyweight superstar who transcends the sport and Fury has all the qualities, in and out of the ring, to be that man.

Fury has the unique skillset and combination of height, reach, boxing moves, cockiness, self belief, verbal wit, psychological arrogance to rule the world. I can envision Fury beating any man from history with his complicated boxing style.  Seriously, what could Muhammad Ali do to beat Fury? He’s just too small and limited from the outside, where Fury surely would control Ali at range. Seriously, how would Larry Holmes and Lennox Lewis solve the Fury style puzzle? Wladimir Klitschko is arguably better or on the same level as Larry and Lennox and he couldn’t do anything with Fury. Holyfield, Tyson, Liston, Foreman, Louis, Marciano, Johnson…all just too small to seriously threaten Fury’s boxing genius.

Yes, I do believe it’s possible and probable that Tyson Fury could be on his way to greatest of all time status.

The big question is if the erratic minded Fury can stabilize his life and mind and dedicate himself fully to achieving a career in boxing that can fulfill the potential. I believe he can and will.

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