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WBC Creates New Lifetime Franchise Championship Belt

The World Boxing Council introduced the new “franchise” champion designation this week.

Next week the WBC will unfurl another level of championship status – the new Lifetime Franchise Champion.

The WBC says the “Lifetime Franchise” champion will earn his status because he is a revenue generating asset thus the WBC wants to milk the gravy train and protect it’s own revenue stream from sanctioning fees for the lifetime of the career of the “Lifetime Franchise” fighter.

Like Hulk Hogan in professional wrestling, the WBC’s new Lifetime Franchise champion will never lose until a suitable replacement new franchise fighter emerges. This boxer will also be bestowed with Lifetime Franchise status.

Rumors are swirling that Deontay Wilder is also about to be named a Lifetime Franchise status champion despite the fact he does not draw or generate significant numbers. Al Haymon feels the new WBC Lifetime Franchise status will help spark sales and revenues for Wilder.  The WBC believes Wilder has potential to become a major seller like Mike Tyson. Wilder’s record is 41-0 with 40 KOs.

Once Wilder becomes a Lifetime Franchise champion he will never fight Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury or any threat, unless they agree to throw the fight. In order to save face and disguise his ducking, Wilder will use an inventory of duck excuses, such as: I don’t trust Eddie Hearn, I don’t trust Bob Arum, We can’t get the money split right, We have our own plan to make me an icon, We don’t need AJ or Fury, I only fight boxers who are under total control of Al Haymon and PBC – who know I’m the franchise and they are the subcontracted patsy, I have three more fights lined up – maybe I can fight Fury or AJ after that.

Canelo Alvarez will also be named Lifetime Franchise fighter. Meaning of course, he will never lose until the next Lifetime Franchise pretender is manufactured.

Right now, Wilder’s replacement as the next WBC Lifetime Franchise is currently being manufactured – Haymon’s African Efe Ajagba.


(Note: This is a parody article.)


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