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How Dillian Whyte Can Force Wilder To Fight Him


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By Scoop Malinowski

It’s obvious by now that Deontay Wilder is afraid to fight Dillian Whyte and his protectors Al Haymon, Shelly Finkel and Mauricio Sulaiman have no confidence in Wilder to beat Whyte so the secret agenda is to duck Whyte forever.

Whyte has been the WBC no. 1 contender for 600 days now, he has earned his title shot vs Wilder but he will be cheated of his title shot unless he takes legal action against the WBC and or creative actions against Wilder.

Many times in boxing history we have seen certain qualified challengers cheated out of their world title or big money fights by politics, ducking and pure cowardice.

Archie Moore is an example. The “Old Mongoose” wanted a crack at heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano, who he felt was ducking him. “The fight with Marciano came about through a lot of publicity,” Moore revealed in the book IN THIS CORNER… By Peter Heller. “A lot of gimmickry, colorful slants. I issued a Wanted poster for Marciano. I had Marciano dressed up like a convict, and I said, ‘$100,000 reward for anybody who can get Marciano into a ring. Notify Sheriff Archie Moore.’ That started it rolling. Then I began to hit Marciano every week with newsletters in the press. They began to pick them up and it began a nice little thing. Al Weill (Marciano manager) said he would never fight me until after I got 40 years old. And he was doggone near right. When I fought Marciano I was near 40.”

The media pressure tactics by Moore worked. “You know what happened? We drew twice as much money as Ezzard Charles and Jersey Joe Walcott. And they were bonafide contenders and I was supposed to be nothing but just a gimmicky guy.” Moore lost the fight but earned the payday.

Dillian Whyte needs to borrow the Archie Moore blueprint for how to force a champion to fight his top challenger. Whyte should begin a media campaign as soon as possible, creating a poster of himself chasing chicken Wilder. And then distribute weekly email newsletters to the print and web site media consisting of his thoughts on himself fighting Wilder and Wilder’s ducking for over 600 days. If these newsletters are well written and funny, the media will publish them. The media loves good content.

This media campaign will raise awareness and build pressure on Wilder and the WBC to stop blockading Whyte from Wilder.

Eventually the pressure will become too massive to hide from and Wilder will have to man up and fight Whyte. The WBC will fear legal action by Whyte.

If Wilder is such a coward to the point that he will continue to avoid Whyte and make cowardly excuses to deprive Whyte of his earned title shot, then Whyte will have to pay a visit to Wilder face to face with a videographer to film the confrontation. If it comes down to it, Whyte may have to slap Wilder or piss on his front door. Then Wilder will have to fight – or he will be exposed as a protected fraud coward hoax.

If Dillian Whyte really wants to fight Wilder he will have to be prepared to take the most extreme steps and measures to make it happen. Just like Archie Moore did.

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