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Mayweather’s Unhealthy Jealousy of Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Is Again Ducking Pacquiao and $100,000,000-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski

Floyd Mayweather should be satisfied with his 50-0 boxing career career and the hundreds of millions he has earned for punching for a living. He should be happily retired and admiring, enjoying and respecting the current gladiators who carry the sport into the future.

But Floyd Mayweather is not happy. He’s stricken with an insane, unhealthy and irrational jealousy of Manny Pacquiao. This week he unleashed a bitter public attack on Pacquiao after the Filipino wonder’s WBA title conquest against ten years younger Keith Thurman in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

“I find it real ironic how every time Pacquiao’s name is brought up in the media, my name is always attached to it. This man’s entire legacy and career has been built off its association with my name and it’s about time you all stop using my brand for clout chasing and clickbait and let that man’s name hold weight of its own. For years, all you heard was that ‘Floyd is afraid of Manny Pacquiao.’ But what’s funny is, when we finally fought, I won so easily that everyone had to eat their words! All of the so-called boxing experts, critics and jealous American ‘fan base’ either went mute and ran for cover or made every excuse in the world as to why I should give Manny Pacquiao a rematch. My take on all this bullshit is that y’all are just upset that I broke Rocky Marciano’s record and hate the fact that a Black, high school dropout outsmarted you all by beating all odds and retiring undefeated while maintaining all my faculties simply by making smart choices and even smarter investments. Ultimately, I will always have the last laugh! Let’s stick to the facts! Bob Arum is no longer your promoter, so when it comes to Mayweather Promotions and PBC events I’m the [head n****r in charge]! Bottom line, I make more money than you; I beat you, then I signed you! I was only at your fight supervising you, my employee, as any real BOSS would do. You made $10 Million for 12 rounds, when I just made $9M in under 3 minutes playing around in an exhibition with a pizza delivery guy! I beat you mentally, physically and financially! Remember, you fight cause you have to, I fight when I want to!” 
Mayweather did not sign Pacquiao, Al Haymon did. But enough on responding to Floyd’s irrational, fraudulent rant of envy.

The real issue is that Mayweather is insecure about his career, otherwise he would not have to attack Pacquiao. If Mayweather was so sure he was greater than Pacquiao, he would just do the rematch for over $100,000,000 instead of ducking it like a coward.

Floyd sat in awe in the front row of Pacquiao vs Thurman, in awe of the crowd’s love for Manny, in awe of his courageous, exciting style of fighting, in awe of Pac taking on a beast like Thurman, who Floyd shamefully ducked for years, even handpicking the undeserving Andre Berto instead of Thurman as his last boxing opponent.

Manny Pacquiao is everything Floyd wishes he could be and pretends to be and every success and achievement of Pacquiao makes Mayweather look like the cheap, fraud counterfeit he really is.

Mike Tyson said it best about Mayweather, how he can’t go in public to pick up his kids at school without nine bodyguards because the general public never really accepted Mayweather’s fraud act. “He’s a scared, little man,” seethed Tyson his extreme disdain for Mayweather and everything he stands for.

Most of the public and willing, controlled media have been deceived by the Mayweather fraud hoax. Mayweather always had the protection of the establishment which needed an American star vehicle to sell. But Manny Pacquiao has always been the thorn in his side which exposed Floyd as the great pretender he is.

The fact that Mayweather is again terrified of fighting Pacquiao – he had to be forced by ultimatums by CBS boss Les Moonves into the first fight – reveals Floyd is afraid of the Pac 2 fight, afraid to step in the ring again with Pacquiao for nine figures. He’d prefer to make millions for beating a pizza delivery guy.

Floyd is angry and upset that Pacquiao and the public are pressuring him to do the rematch. Strangely, though he claims he beat Pacquiao easily in 2015 (close, rigged decision), he is showing a severe fear to beat him again. If Floyd was a real fighter and not a protected fraud, why wouldn’t he be thrilled for the chance to beat Pacquiao again for over $100,000,000? Why would he boast about beating a pizza delivery guy which proved nothing and only damaged his legacy and credibility?

Because Floyd is a fraud pretender who lacks the confidence and courage and fighting spirit of the true hero champion of this era, Manny Pacqiuao, who is overshadowing and upstaging the Mayweather career which never inspired ovations or adoration to even a fraction of the level that Manny Pacquiao inspired and continues to inspire.

Mayweather is insanely jealous of Manny Pacquiao, he always was and he always will be. Because Manny Pacquiao is everything Floyd Mayweather pretends and wishes he could have been.



Pacquiao response to Mayweather rant:

“You come to my fight [Pacquiao’s win over Keith Thurman] and then use my name in a post but I’m the one that is trying to stay relevant? If you want to be relevant again… #MayPac2.  Floyd, your name has not been on any of my PBC contracts. But if you would like to be on the next one, I will have one drawn up and sent to you. #CounterfeitMoney.”


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