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Analysis of Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko

Kazakstan Sports Portal asked me some questions about the Gennadiy Golovkin’s successful performance vs Sergey Derevyanchenko in New York on Saturday night…

I wanted to ask you to answer a few questions on the Golovkin-Derevyanchenko fight. – Rate the performance of Golovkin, is it really weak? – It seems that with the new coach, the Kazakhstani has become worse. Is it so? – Do you think Golovkin was really sick, or is it just an excuse for his team to justify a weak performance? – Can we still see the past of the GGG? – Assess, please, Golovkin’s chances in the third fight with Canelo. Will it take place? – Who should Golovkin choose as the next opponent?

Scoop Malinowski: Compared to prime Golovkin, one of the most perfect fighting machines in the history of the sport, this performance was a disappointment, he has declined considerably. He’s slower, coordination off, gets hit much more, punches not as accurate. He’s no longer extraordinary.

Banks is not a proven trainer of any distinction. My guess is he has a very inexpensive fee. Did you know in tennis some top players are actually paid by their coach, because it helps the coach’s image to be seen with a legendary player? Golovkin is such a legendary boxing champion, he shouldn’t have to pay Banks anything or very little. Banks had an average pro career – what can he really tell GGG? The association helps Banks more than it helps Golovkin. I think the illness is an excuse for the disappointing performance.
No, we will never see the greatness of Golovkin again. We never really saw it either. We would have seen Golovkin at his best vs Mayweather at 154, Cotto, Martinez and Canelo 3-4 years ago but all four of those future Hall of Famers avoided prime Golovkin.
Prime Golovkin would have slaughtered Canelo years ago but that would have been devastating to the American boxing establishment’s long term investment in Canelo. Now we all know Canelo will win the third fight vs Golovkin and maybe even by stoppage.
Derevyanchenko is good tough smart brawling fighter but Golovkin in his prime would have knocked him out. Golovkin was one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport and it’s even possible he was the greatest of all. He was a perfect fighting machine, speed, power, intelligence, accuracy, he looked so unbeatable that Cotto, Martinez, Canelo and Mayweather all ran away from him. Golovkin earned this DAZN contract because of his masterpiece performances vs. Lemieux, Murray, Monroe, Rubio, Stevens, Geale, Proksa, Ishida. Osumanu. Ring observers will never forget Gennadiy Golovkin at his best.

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