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Fat Andy Ruiz shamed the sport with his poor condition


Andy Ruiz set a dubious mark last night in Saudi Arabia – he was the worst conditioned world champion in the history of boxing.

Ruiz carried in 284 pounds of blubber and lard for his first world title defense against former champion Anthony Joshua, a man he stopped earlier this year while also looking astoundingly overweight. For the rematch, Ruiz came in over a dozen pounds even heavier, claiming he partied and ate too much after winning the title.

I have never seen a heavyweight world champion look worse than what Ruiz did last night. Buster Douglas’s condition in his first title defense against Evander Holyfield was comparable but he had justifiable excuses for it. Don King, the promoter of his conquest Mike Tyson, intentionally made the life of Douglas a nightmare after his Tokyo masterpiece, manipulating the Columbus, Ohio media to slander and defame Douglas. It was all exposed in the Don King book by Jack Newfield. King made Buster’s life miserable and it contributed to his lousy training and performance vs Holyfield.

Ruiz has no excuses. He knew there was an immediate rematch and essentially surrendered his titles in an obvious tank job. Who knows, maybe it was a rigged fight, maybe the first fight was an inside job too.

Ruiz had the chance to give his boss Al Haymon total control of the heavyweight division with another win last night.

One thing is for sure, Andy Ruiz did not look like a world champion boxer last night. He didn’t even look like a pro golfer or a hot dog eating contest winner.

Let’s tell it like it is, Andy Ruiz looked like a wasted talent with no discipline and no respect for the sport, the fans or Anthony Joshua last night. If  he shows up for the third Joshua fight as fat as he did last night, he should be boycotted out of the sport and sent to pro wrestling.

Boxing is the greatest sport on earth. The gladiators are the bravest, toughest, most courageous, amazing athletes on the planet. But last night Andy Ruiz disgraced himself and the sport.


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