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Mayweather Admits He’s A Coward Fraud


Mayweather Handpicks a Featherweight Kickboxer from Japan-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski

Floyd Mayweather has finally admitted on video that he is a coward.

“I don’t mind being a rich coward,” said the American boxer in this video.
It’s official, from his own lips, Floyd Mayweather was and is a protected fraud, a coward in the face of high risk danger opponents. A coward only fights opponents he knows he will beat, because he’s better – or the fights were rigged.
It’s a shocking confession, for a boxer who boasted for years that he is “The Best Ever.” Who even created a brand called TBE. But the self-proclaimed best ever was lying straight to your face. He’s actually a “coward.”
For all those years Floyd pretended to be a great champion in boxing. But the truth is, he was a coward in disguise, protected by a corrupt establishment which needed an American boxing star to sell to the American public.
When you shelled out your hard-earned dollars for Mayweather, you bought a counterfeit champion.  You bought a coward pretender.
I have told you for over a decade, Mayweather was a fraud coward pretender – and was criticized heavily for speaking the forbidden, ugly truth.  Now Mayweather has admitted I was 100% right.
Should there be some kind of investigtion? An admitted fraud coward hoax pretended to be the best ever boxer of all time. How many people were robbed? How many fixed fights were rigged and scammed on the public?
What should the punishment be for this fraud coward hoax pretender who stole multi millions of dollars from the public, while masquerading himself as TBE? What should be the fate of all the accomplices involved in this massive deception?
Mayweather says he is at peace with his cowardice, he has come to terms with it.  He was able to put his kids in the best schools, retire his mother, but his dad in a comfortable position. The fraud made himself and his family wealthy. But it was all based on fraud. Floyd was not TBE, he is a confessed, “‘coward.”
In all seriousness, Floyd accepts his own cowardice and corrupt career: “I don’t mind being a rich coward.”
Only in modern boxing could a coward be installed and manufactured as TBE.  Only in boxing could a coward pretend to be an illusion of a great champion. Shame on you Floyd, shame on you HBO, Showtime, Richard Schaefer, Leonard Ellerbe, Al Haymon, and the fake news media, and everybody else involved with this great deception.

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