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Tyson vs Mayweather, Anyone?

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Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather are both itching to put the gloves back on and throw some punches in the ring.  Tyson has announced he will box some exhibitions for charity and Mayweather is organizing a September bout against Adrien Broner.

Nobody cares to see Floyd box another Al Haymon patsy like perennial loser and non draw Broner. But Tyson could still sell. In this era of no big selling American stars and the recent destruction of protected fraud heavyweight Deontay Wilder, there may be a market willing to buy Tyson, even at age 53, in the right event.

Tyson was recently filmed punching the mitts and looked as devastating as ever in the three second clip.

If Tyson were to be matched with Mayweather, the fight potentially could sell jackpot numbers. Tyson is as popular as ever now, over two decades from his prime. He’s become a beloved iconic figure with his post boxing life as an entertainer.

Mayweather is as detested as ever because of his disgraceful public behavior and penchant for boasting about his greed and wealth while millions struggle to pay the monthly bills.

Tyson has little respect for Mayweather – he called him a “scared little man” who can’t go out in public without security guards.

Given the star power involved, this fight is a natural super fight event and could break records in pay per view terms.

Would the little loudmouth who never misses a chance to brag that he’s the best ever take the ultimate risk to put his boxing skills to the test against a 53 year old former great, decades past his prime?

Could the colorful press conferences capture the imagination of the sporting public and attract at least five million ppv buys?

Will the man who has confessed twice on video that he’s a coward and okay with it, suddenly now show the courage at 43 to shed his “protected fraud coward” tag by boxing the 70 pounds heavier Iron Mike Tyson?

Could the Tyson vs Mayweather fight look like the six foot one, 187 pound Jack Dempsey vs six foot six and a half, 245 pound Jess Willard where Dempsey buzzsawed the giant Willard in three round back in 1919,? Floyd is 5-7, compared to Tyson at 5-10.

Could Tyson get in good enough shape to last ten rounds with Floyd, despite his tendency to imbibe in smoking his home made, ahem, cigarettes?

There are so many intriguing angles about a Tyson vs Floyd clash of titans.

I don’t know about you but I’d pay to see Tyson vs Floyd.





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