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Why is Mayweather Ducking Pacquiao Again?

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Floyd Mayweather was recently snubbed by Conor McGregor out of a big money rematch with the UFC superstar, a rejection that will cost Mayweather over $100,000,000. Understandably, Mayweather, as evidenced by his media quotes blasting McGregor, was enraged by McGregor’s shot calling which left Mayweather high and dry with no other big money options.

Mayweather is not retired, he’s just inactively waiting for the next big money fake fight to rob boxing fans out of their hard-earned money. Now, with McGregor in charge and calling the shots, poor Floyd is stuck. If he needs income to pay his bills, he has but two options – rematches with Canelo Alvarez or Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd clearly does not want either of those fights. Why? Because he knows he will lose.

Floyd knows Canelo was bought in their fight and he knows the judges were bought in the Pac fight. Now that Mayweather is not the face of boxing anymore and he no longer has the establishment protecting him as a fraud franchise money machine, he has to be very careful. Al Haymon, after the failure of Deontay Wilder and PBC, no longer has the power or leverage to rig Mayweather to stay unbeaten.

So Mayweather is now in the unenviable position to have to try to find big money fights outside the establishment, like against Japanese kickerboxers and UFC heroes. But McGregor slammed the door in Floyd’s face. McGregor is not interested in the rematch. A side McGregor is not interested in letting Floyd ride his coattails again.

It’s funny how idiot Mayweather supporters defend Mayweather’s ducking of the Pacquiao rematch by saying the first fight was an easy, clear win though many feel it was very close, or a draw while some exerts like Evander Holyfield tabbed Pacquiao as the victor.

If it was so easy, why wouldn’t Floyd want to dance again with Pacquiao, like he did with Maidana, and like he wanted a rematch with Ricky Hatton? Floyd dodging the Pac rematch is proof that Floyd is not confident he can beat the Filipino wonder. If the counterfeit “best ever” was confident, he would just do it.

Deep down Floyd, a self-confessed coward twice on video, knows he was and is a protected fraud and he knows what he deserves. The Lord works in mysterious ways. The Humble Shall Be Exalted and the Exalted Shall Be Humbled.

There still is hope that Mayweather can be strong-armed to fight Pacquaio again. If he’s running out of money, there’s only one door he can knock on.

All roads lead to Manny Pacquiao.

The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways.


Art By Sen Lacson.

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