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Mayweather Ruined Boxing In America

Every one of Floyd Mayweather’s fights looked like soft, controlled sparring session business deals, designed to steal your money and protect the fraud franchise revenue stream for his handlers.

Floyd was a willing actor in the big scam, a money whore who would glady take millions for risk free sparring sessions, with the only work being training in the gym to look the part and pretending to be the greatest fighter ever.

But Floyd was just a counterfeit and he exposed himself as a fraud many times… admitting he was fearing for his health, endless duck excuses to evade threatening opponents his protectors could not buy off, verbally self destructing on live unscripted radio and TV media interviews when forced to explain why he would not fight Margarito, Cotto, Pacquiao, etc.

Floyd acted like the big shot, like a spoiled brat who knew the establishment was using him and had his back, but he was a lousy actor, a lousy pretender, and a dumb fool who constantly exposed himself. Floyd is so unintelligent he even admitted on video that he’s a coward twice, he even shamed the entire sport on video, saying “I don’t love boxing like I used to because boxing isn’t real anymore.”

All of Mayweather’s boring rigged victories stunk like a pre-choreographed fake waltz and after a while the boxing fans finally rejected the lil coward, sending him off to Japan to beat up bums halfway across the globe.

The damage is done now. Now sports fans have zero trust in boxing to pay to see any American boxers. And most all American boxers want to be protected frauds and businessmen, they just don’t have what it takes to be the best. Maybe the biggest bum fraud of them all, Deotnay Wilder was finally exposed by Tyson Fury after 40 fake dives.

Boxing in America may never regain it’s foothold, the golden jackpot days and electrifying drama of Oscar, Tyson, Ali, Holyfield, Leonard, Hagler and Bowe, etc. American boxing gyms just are not producing anything special anymore. You can’t name one US amateur of any note.

When boxing returns after the virus vanishes, there is not one fight in America that can generate big box office or PPV numbers.

Well one, maybe… a Mike Tyson comeback!

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