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Whyte Hunting Wilder Again, Wilder Silent

Dillian Whyte just avenged his KO loss to Alexander Povetkin last week with a stunning revenge KO win, and the bold, battle-hungry Brit is already busy hunting his next opponent. Whyte’s top target once again is the American Deontay Wilder.

Former WBC Heavyweight beltholder Wilder has not fought in over a year since getting demolished by Tyson Fury in February 2020. And he seems to have little desire to redeem himself from his only defeat, a loss which he used about a half dozen excuses to justify.

Whyte’s promoter Eddie Hearn is eager to match Whyte with Wilder, an exercise in futility he has already attempted numerous times with the end result always being Wilder isn’t interested in facing Whyte.

“Both Dillian Whyte and Deontay Wilder are not world champions, so there’s no actual standard as far as who should get what in terms of the purse. We need to see Deontay Wilder back in the ring. The heavyweight division is a better one with him in it.”

“Dillian Whyte can be matched with anyone. But Wilder-Whyte is a thrilling barnburner. Deontay Wilder is a huge name in America now after those two fights with Fury. He’s also a big name in the UK. I haven’t really thought about the split. I would just work with the money and say, ‘Guys, this is what I think is in the fight. We can work out a deal. Who knows? We need to see Deontay Wilder back in the ring. I want to see that, and I think he’s great for the sport.”

“And I think the division would be a better place with him in it, so let’s see him get active. Dillian has had such a long run of tough fights. I would like to see him come to the states in the summer and have a fight. Whether that’s Trevor Bryan or another American heavyweight to make a mark here. I think Deontay Wilder and I think the Andy Ruiz fight is tremendous as well for Dillian Whyte.

“Dillian Whyte is one of those guys that you can match him against anyone and he’s always exciting. He’s never been in a dull fight, and I just feel that Wilder-Whyte is a barnburner, I really do. I think it’s an absolutely thrilling fight. I’m not sure they’d make it to the ring, but it would be a lot of fun.”

Ruiz is busy with a bout on May 1 with Cris Arreola but Wilder has nothing scheduled. So far, neither Wilder or his puppetmaster Al Haymon have not responded to Hearn or expressed any desire or interest to take the chance of challenging the ever-dangerous Whyte.

Wilder has been inactive for over a year which likely means there are no big money options available for him against any PBC patsies like Kownacki or Szpilka or Ortiz, so it would appear Wilder will be frozen until he can be cashed out for the final big payday against the winner of the Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury showdown.

Wilder is a protected fighter who lacks the confidence to dare to fight a formidable threat like Whyte. Haymon also lacks the confidence in Wilder to face a high risk like Whyte, which of course would likely end up as another devastating Wilder loss which would disqualify him from the cash out payday vs Fury or Joshua.

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