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Is Spence’s Eye Injury Real or a Hoax?

I just can’t buy the Spence eye injury cancellation of the August 21 Pacquiao vs Spence superfight. Because Al Haymon never puts two key assets in the ring together – Floyd vs Paul Williams, Thurman vs Spence, Floyd vs Thurman or Spence, Wilder vs A Ruiz – because it’s bad business to have one asset lose and lose value. That’s why Pacquiao vs Spence seemed fated to not happen. Haymon and PBC are strugglingly badly and Haymon can’t afford to have Pac or Spence lose and lose value.

Now the bait and switch is on, and it’s Superstar Pac vs the Cuban non-attraction Ugas for $70 PPV. It probably will sell because of the star power of Manny Pacquiao, who is looking Absolutely AMAZING in training. If this was all a pre-planned hustle by Haymon, Spence benefits from this because he gained a lot of free publicity, fame and value for having his name linked with Pacquiao for four months. Don’t expect Spence vs the winner next. Expect a Spence warm up “fight” or two. Remember, “the truth is never told – it has to be learned.”

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