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Observations of Pacquiao vs Ugas

Yordenis Ugas is good but he was a zero draw. Cubans never sell and can never be the A side draw in America or anywhere. Just the way it is. Ugas is so good Errol Spence had to duck him before he had the car crash. Ugas would have beaten Spence but PBC orchestrator Al Haymon protected Spence from the loss. Black Americans sell better than old Cubans.

So Manny Pacquiao agrees to fight Ugas and draws 100 percent of the house and pay-per-view at over $70 bucks. You would think Haymon would tell Ugas to play soft. But he didn’t. Haymon stole some Pacquiao star power last night to give to Ugas (and now to give to the next lucky PBC asset). I think Haymon’s scheme now is Ugas to play soft for Spence or Davis next. Because remember, Cubans never can be A side draws, especially not a 35 yr old Cuban.

Manny Pacquiao at his best is the greatest champion we ever had. If he was black American, Haymon would not have set him up to be screwed last night.

Floyd was protected by corruption and fix by the American establishment for his entire career. The “scared, little man”, as Mike Tyson called him, even confessed he’s a coward, twice! Pacquaio never got one ounce of protection in America but he became the biggest star of his era – Floyd rode his coattails and piggybacked off Pac’s name for a decade and he’s still doing it but he won’t dare do that rematch. Pacquiao saved the sport from the scumbags like Floyd, Haymon, Espinoza, Ellerbe, Arum, and this is how they respect Pac at the end with a bait and switch of a cripple and they sub in a tough Cuban and steal the win. You have to be an imbecile to support the corrupt fraud PBC Haymon crooked operation. Pacquiao is the greatest fighter I ever saw. He was so great Mayweather had to duck him for six years with over a dozen different excuses and then only finally fought him because the head of CBS Showtime Les Moonves forced Floyd to do the fight. And where is Floyd now? Doing more fixed fake sparring sessions against clowns to steal your money. While Pac is out there facing the best. Shame on the American boxing media who knows all this is true but haven’t got the guts to say anything. The American boxing media is part to blame for the ruin of boxing in America. Manny Pacquiao is the greatest fighter who ever lived, eight-division champion, with or without American corruption cheating robbing and deceiving him his entire career.

I’m certain Haymon faked the Spence fight and Ugas was the opponent the entire time. Because he knows Spence is crippled, damaged goods now and only smoke and mirrors (corruption) will keep Spence relevant. Pacquiao had to fight and beat the corrupt American system his entire career and he beat those scumbags. I’ve met dogs with more class and honor than Mayweather, Haymon, Davis, Wilder, Broner, Ellerbe. These dirty rotten scoundrels have destroyed the sport that Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield, Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr, George Foreman made great with their honor, integrity, class, respect for the sport and fans.

Floyd and Haymon knew 100 percent that Pac in 2010 would have knocked out Floyd cold. So they had to lie and slander Pac with the fake PED accusations. Haymon was behind that as he rigged Tim Smith and Teddy Atlas to slander Pac in the media. Now Smith works for PBC. Pac was always clean and he won the slander lawsuit on Floyd who was forced by law to publicly apologize and pay damages rumored to be a million dollars but the slander had an effect on Pac and many sheeple still think Pac cheated. Floyd even hired Alex Ariza to try and get the drug cheating dirt on Pac via blackmail but Ariza couldn’t tell him anything because Ariza knows Pac was always clean. Haymon, Floyd, Ellerbe, Espinoza are the filthiest characters I ever encountered in professional sports. I have as much respect for them as a pile of dog excrement. At least the pile is what it is and can’t do anything about it. Boxing in America is finished now because the last savior Manny Pacquaio has had enough of it. I hope Pacquiao leaves the American cesspool of rigged pro boxing. He’s too good for it.

Cubans never sell in America and before Manny Pacquiao, Filipinos were never close to being A side draws. But Manny Pacquiao was so Mike Tyson Roy Jones Ray Leonard Roberto Duran electrifying great, he became the biggest star in America when the system didn’t want him, they only wanted Floyd to be “the face” of the sport. Manny Pacquiao beat the American establishment for over a decade with the most exciting boxing anyone ever saw. And more importantly his class, humility, honor, respect for the sport and the fans. There won’t be another Manny Pacquiao, but that’s okay we were so lucky to have him.

If Haymon was honest and had Pac’s best interests at heart he would have subbed in a patsy, not a dangerous Cuban who Spence, Thurman, Floyd and Crawford wouldn’t even dare fight. Pacquiao went down fighting the best at 42 years old. Only Bernard Hopkins could also do that.

Now Ugas is about to learn the truth about boxing. Ugas is going to be used as a set-up by Haymon to transfer his new “starpower” to the next designated PBC counterfeit star. It may be Spence. It may be Davis. It may be Thurman. But for sure I can guarantee you Ugas will be chewed up and spit out by Haymon. He’ll be well paid of course, to play soft or dive, whatever the choreographer behind the curtain wants. But you can be sure a 35 or 36 year old Cuban is not going to be the next long term PBC franchise star.

(Pacquiao painting by Sen Lacson.)

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