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Joshua vs Usyk: The Best vs. The Best

It’s all too infrequently that boxing gets it right these days and produces a special, thrilling superfight which pits the best vs the best.

It’s going to happen this weekend in London, when World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua will try to defy and defeat the challenge of undefeated Oleksander Usyk, the former undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Both of these two former Olympic gold medalists are pure class in and out of the ring, in action and in words. Supremely conditioned, supremely talented, supremely confident gladiators, unlike the two clown pretenders Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder who both ducked career high paydays and avoided facing Joshua. They would both prefer to fight easier set ups or each other in what appear to possibly be real, authentic contests. Or are they really business events in disguise, designed to increase their value and steal money from unsuspecting fans? To try to catch up to Joshua’s status or to create their own heavyweight franchise rivalry to try to enrich themselves while continuing to avoid Joshua?

Wilder and Fury are an irrelevant sideshow now, all eyes are on the intriguing matchup of Joshua vs Usyk. Joshua must be incredibly talented for both Wilder and Fury to dodge him for huge money. Joshua looks and sounds the part of the kingpin of an era. He’s cut out of marble perfect looking and he speaks with honor and class, like all the great champions naturally do. Joshua’s sensational victory vs Wladimir Klitschko proved everything you need to know about Joshua, that he is the undisputed fistic tyrant of this era.

But Usyk is a fascinating wildcard factor because he doesn’t seem to care how great Joshua is and for some strange reason he seems to have a total belief he will defeat Joshua on Saturday night. Usyk exudes an aura of fearlessness and complete confidence in his abilities. “I’m coming for you Anthony,” he says with a maniacal spark in his eyes and smile.

It remains to be seen if Joshua is unaffected by Usyk’s self belief. It remains to be seen if Usyk will be able to endure the power of Joshua and apply his boxing skills to matador the bigger, stronger champion.

The fact of the matter is boxing is going to be great again on Saturday night in London because a rare occurence is about to happen. The best is going to face the best. Usyk is eager and ready to dare to be great. Anthony Joshua would fight King Kong and Godzilla if that’s what the powers that be and public demanded.

Joshua vs Usyk is here to save the sport from all the meaningless, boring, scripted set ups … may the best man win.

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