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Crawford KO 10 Porter Analysis

Terence Crawford is 34 now, that’s old for a welter. His best days may be behind. Haymon finally took a chance to match one of his pawns with Crawford. Shawn Porter gave it his best but was outclassed. The stoppage was very suspect, he didn’t appear that hurt. Maybe the order was to stop it before Crawford could get the devastating, electrifying KO which maximizes his value (and devalues Spence). Maybe it was to beat the over under of 10.5 rounds. It was a good win for Crawford but it didn’t really increase his aura and value. Don’t expect Haymon to send Spence or Thurman to try to beat Crawford next, expect Crawford to continue to be ostracized by PBC Haymon. Also Porter’s retirement is fake, he will box again in 2022. Porter saying he’s retiring also discredits Crawford’s win as it implies he just beat a guy in it for one last payday. But look at Porter’s intensity during intros, he came to win. And a win would have set him up for millions. By now you all should know PBC Haymon is all smoke and mirrors, deception, media manipulation and trickery. Crawford gets the win but where he goes from here is unknown.

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