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Kambosos W12 Lopez Observations

By Scoop Malinowski

I didn’t see George Kambosos major upset win vs Teo Lopez last night but here are some observations. Lopez showed a major sign of weakness months ago by announcing he would duck/avoid the rematch with Lomachenko. This was surprising because he looked so impressive in beating the Ukrainian genius a year ago. Why he would decide to absolutely duck the Lomachenko rematch was alarming, true great fighters love the ultimate challenges, they don’t run away. So now Lopez starts to get a big head and arrogant attitude for his next fight with Kambosos. It appears he expected to walk through the Australian with impunity. But that didn’t happen and then he failed to handle the surprise turn of events, and lost the decision to the 13-1 underdog. His post fight attitude was so bad and disrespectful that he turned his hometown fans against himself! What a rarity that is in any sport. Lopez may be a great fighter but he is not equipped to handle the pressures of stardom and being seen by everyone as “the best.” He was superb as the hunter …but then he became the hunted and everything changed…

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