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Tyson Fury Amazes With Masterpiece KO of Whyte

By Scoop Malinowski

Even Lennox Lewis said he was amazed again by Tyson Fury’s latest fistic masterpiece knockout win vs Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium before nearly 95,000 fans.

Fury completely dominated the long time WBC mandatory challenger since 2017, nullifying Whyte’s arsenal and all the skills and surprises his trainer Harold Knight boldly declared this week, even confidently asserting there was “no doubt” Whyte would engineer the shocking upset.

It’s debatable if Whyte even landed one effective punch in the whole fight. Fury was pinpoint accurate and precise, smoothly, fluidly using his gigantic size and reach advantages to constantly stymie Whyte. Fury may have had even more trouble with his dropping trunks which continually were pushed down by his own belly and lovehandles.

If Fury is the worst looking heavyweight champion specimen in terms or muscles and definition, he compensates for it with uncanny coordination, athleticism, intelligence and fearless courage. Like some kind of giant dinosar the six-foot-nine behemoth roams around the ring like an out of shape matador, dissecting his bull, patiently setting up the kill shot.  By round four Whyte looked helpless, hopeless and out of ideas on how to get in a position to connect his bombs on Fury. While Whyte kept trying, Fury waited for the moment to end the one-sided battle. Finally Whyte walked right into his destruction, a right uppercut, and fell like a shot animal. His misery was over.  And the historic venue was electrified by the display of pugilistic genius created by the Gypsy King.

It’s hard to imagine any heavyweight champion of history achieving any success against this giant wrecking machine. How could Muhammad Ali avoid Fury’s jab and thundering right hand? How could the Klitschkos and Lennox get in range to force Fury to fight? Same goes for Foreman, Louis, Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes. Fury appears impossible to fight. Oleksander Usyk and Anthony Joshua will meet the same fate as Whyte did tonight.

Tyson Fury at 34 years old was at his finest tonight at Wembley Stadium. You have to feel for poor Whyte who was forced to wait so long for this opportunity. Maybe he’s past his peak after all the rough and tumble wars. Whyte vs Deontay Wilder would be an interesting match up this summer.

Hopefully Fury will not follow through on his vow to retire from the sport next week, and we can see this might marvel of the squared circle continue his boxing mastery for a few more years.



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