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Romero Vows To Destroy Tank Davis

By Scoop Malinowski

Sometimes the bold talkers sound so convincing with their vehement and emphatic, forceful words, that you believe what they say. Muhammad Ali, Bernard Hopkins, Tyson Fury, and even Evander Holyfield before the first Mike Tyson fight were some of the best known champion boxers who could verbally express supreme confidence. This week Rolando Romero sounds like he too is so confident and self-assured that he is going to knock out the highly-touted Gervonta Tank Davis in New York City on May 28.

I don’t usually promote Al Haymon PBC events but something about this Davis vs. Romero WBA Regular Lightweight Title fight has me thinking Haymon and Mayweather have had enough of Davis and are putting him in a real fight this time, against his will, he has to fight a supremely confident Rolando Romero. Word is this is the final fight on Davis’s PBC contract…

“One round, I’m knocking (Davis) out. If I say I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it. He’s going to get knocked out by the first punch that he eats. He’s going to run right into something.
“I always feel good every time I’m going into a fight. I don’t like ‘Tank’ as a person and I believe he’s going to get whupped in this fight.
“He ducked me twice for sparring and the bad blood has been there ever since. I’ve been calling him out since 2017. The only reason this fight was made was because I wanted it. He doesn’t want this. He wishes he was fighting some 126 or 122-pounder.
“I just saw a bunch of nervous energy from Gervonta when we faced off. He didn’t say anything to me. He doesn’t even believe he’s going to knock me out.
“Tell me one fight where he hasn’t gotten punched on by smaller dudes with no power? I’m way more accurate than anyone he’s ever fought. I’m way stronger and more explosive. It’s just common sense, he’s getting knocked out.
“I thought Isaac Cruz beat Gervonta. That fight showed just how vulnerable he is. He’s scared of people that can actually crack.
“Having Joel Casamayor in my camp is great. Just watching him, because he’s a slick southpaw, has taught me a lot. He’s helped me with my movement and my accuracy and he’s watched me knock a lot of people out ever since the amateurs.
“I don’t have any message for Davis, I just have these fists.”
In ten days time, Romero will either become another motormouth who didn’t cash the check his mouth wrote out, or he will become a fresh, exciting, new Latino superstar.


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