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Muhammad Ali Admired Gene Tunney’s Innovative Skillset


Muhammad Ali was not always the most generous in praising the skills of other heavyweight boxers but one he admired was former champion Gene Tunney. Look at these quotes from my book Muhammad Ali: Portrait Of A Champion¬†“If you look at Tunney is where boxing started to get better. He throws punches sharp and quick. Strong, fast and quick. He’s about the best of the old timers. I’d say Tunney is the greatest old timer as far as punching and skill is concerned. Tunney used footwork – something that most heavyweights don’t have. I thought I was the only heavyweight to do that. He’s jabbing and moving. Tunney didn’t fight like old timer fighters, he’s moving like me but with no rhythm. Dempsey is dangerous in close like Frazier and Marciano. Dempsey is a good ducker, he could bob a lot. Tunney is the best of that era. I see him sometimes, tell him he was one of the best of all time.”

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