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Ring Observer Boxing Quiz

If you can answer these questions about boxing, you deserve a doctorate degree in the sweet science…

First person to correctly answer all questions receives a signed copy of my book “Muhammad Ali: Portrait Of A Champion” and a Miguel Cotto t-shirt … (send your answers to scoop.malinowski@yahoo.com

  1. What was the first fight broadcast on live radio?
  2.  What was the last world title fight broadcast on live radio?
  3.  Who did Cassius Clay beat in his pro debut?
  4.  Who was the first fighter to use ring entrance music?
  5.  And what was the musical selection by this fighter in 1977?
  6.  If Mike Tyson’s parents married, what would Mike’s name be (his dad’s last name)?
  7.  Who was Arnold Cream?
  8.  Who was Walker Smith?
  9.  What famous singer got a photographer media credential with Life Magazine to shoot Ali-Frazier 1?
  10.  What former World Heavyweight Champion appeared in the film “Mighty Joe Young”?

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