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Haymon Blocking Superfights Again


By Scoop Malinowski

Al Haymon has a long history of blocking big money superfights.  He blocked Mayweather vs Pacquiao for six years until the head of CBS Showtime Les Moonves stepped in and forced Floyd and Haymon to make a deal. Haymon also blocked Joshua vs Wilder by rejecting Eddie Hearn’s $120m offer to Wilder to challenge AJ. The list goes on. Haymon prevented Adonis Stevenson vs Sergey Kovalev and Artur Beterbiev…  Mayweather vs Cotto Welterweight unification when both were undefeated and contracted to HBO in 2008…  Gervonta Davis vs Vasil Lomachenko and Teo Lopez.

And now Haymon is blocking Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia and Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford.

For each duck, Haymon is using different tactics. For Davis, he’s playing it quiet and ignoring Oscar De La Hoya and Garcia’s media pressure until the storm blows away.  For Spence, Haymon has to pretend he’s trying to negotiate a fight with Crawford because Crawford has been chasing and hunting Spence for years and despite media protection, many boxing observers can sense it’s Spence who is the duck.


Haymon takes a photo of DiBella with a boxing fan in Atlantic City.

Haymon is clever. He is floating fake news stories that the fight deal is close, closer than it’s ever been and the image is that Haymon is actually really trying to work a deal. But the reality is he’s not, he’s pretending. Just like Floyd and Haymon pretended to try to make a fight with Pacquiao for six years, wasting everyone’s time and building up false hopes.  George Peterson, the co manager of Paul Williams with Haymon disgustedly revealed to me years ago that Haymon’s plan was to never match Floyd vs Pacquiao because, he added with a sneer of frustration, “Some fights aren’t meant to be.”

Haymon and Mayweather were eventually forced to fight Pacquiao by the head of CBS Showtime Les Moonves, who realized what Floyd and Haymon were up to: fake negotiate with Pacquiao and Arum but always kill the fight in the end by blaming the other side for something. But when Floyd’s Showtime four fights under the six fight guaranteed $150m deal began to draw disappointing profits, Moonves gave Haymon and Floyd an ultimatum to fight Pac.

This time there is no Les Moonves to force Haymon to match Spence vs Crawford and Davis vs Garcia.

These fights will not happen because Haymon’s empire is crumbling and he can’t afford to see his last two chess pieces fall. Haymon must make sure Davis and Spence do not lose to anyone and so that is what is going to happen.

The only solution is for boxing fans to boycott Haymon and PBC.

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