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Golovkin Hints First Two Canelo Fights Were Fixed?

By Scoop Malinowski

Gennady Golovkin is saying a lot of very interesting comments and revelations lately. Less than two weeks before his third fight vs. Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas on September 17, Golovkin targeted the judges of the first two Canelo fights for his veiled insults.

Many ring observers feel the former undisputed middleweight champion Golovkin was robbed of two narrow wins vs. the establishment franchise from Mexico because he doesn’t generate as much revenue. Canelo and GGG drew in their first fight (which included an outrageous 118-110 card from judge Adalaide Byrd for Canelo) and then Canelo won by majority decision in the 2018 rematch. Other students of the game believe Golovkin took it easy and played soft on the moneymaker, never unleashing his most vicious, urgent, ferocious strikes.

“I’ll be honest with you, I moved on the next day,” Golovkin said this week. “I haven’t thought about it much. I realized that those people who gave those scores, they were used. They were used like disposable tissues are being used. It was time to use them, they were used and disposed of.”

Very curious choice of words by Golovkin. Saying the judges were “used” can be interpreted as a way of saying the judges were garbage, worthless hacks hired or manipulated for some ugly, sinister purpose.

And then to add that he moved on the next day and didn’t really care about the rip off decisions suggests he knew he was going to be robbed. Like it was part of the deal.

The whole tone of this third Golovkin vs Canelo fight is fascinating. There is a sense that Canelo has been forced into it, that he wanted to fight Bivol rematch instead. But Golovkin has some kind of leverage on Canelo and forced him into doing this third fight.

Canelo has not been able to conceal his anger for Golovkin through the pre-fight hype. And Golovkin has cleverly pointed out that if Canelo resents him so much, why did he wait for four years to agree to this fight?

You have to realize, some of these big fights have a lot of behind-the-scenes elements which the public and media are not privy to.  There are a lot of secrets in boxing that are never revealed. I personally know several shocking insider stories that would knock your socks off and out the window.

It’s very plausible that Golovkin has some kind of concrete evidence he used as leverage to force Canelo into this fight. And that is why Canelo is so angry, because he’s used to being the boss and calling all the shots and this time he may be in a real fight against a very dangerous, vengeful rival, who, this time, will not be restricted to play soft to get the huge payday. Canelo might be on his own this time, for the first time in a long time.

All these factors combine to make Golovkin vs Canelo quite possibly the most intriguing, fascinating fight so far this decade.




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