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My Interview With Kazakhstan Sports Media For Golovkin vs Canelo 3



By Scoop Malinowski

Golovkin vs Canelo 3 is a huge fight because two sports media outlets from Kazkhstan have requested to interview me about the Super Middleweight clash of titans. Zarina Kozova from Baigenews.kz asked me these questions…

* 1. This fight is actively discussed in the press, among the fans. Why do you think he is so important to Golovkin and Alvarez?

Scoop Malinowski: Because the first two fights were controversial and possibly corrupted for business reasons. Hopefully this one will finally be the authentic duel one to settle the question about which one is the best.

2. Did you watch the press conferences of Golovkin and Alvarez before the fight? What did you notice in their behavior? What words of Alvarez and  Golovkin surprised you?

Scoop: Yes I watched and the words were of little value. Golovkin does not say much in English. Just this caught my attention: “I have not thought about [if he waited for me to get old to fight for the third time]. If there were other reasons for him not to fight when we were supposed to have a fight, I think it’s best that you ask him,” said Golovkin. The body language and expressions of the press conference were more interesting. Golovkin is beaming and happy and carries an aura that he KNOWS he will win this fight. The day before Golovkin said this: “(To beat Canelo is meaningful) not just for me, just for (the) sport. I want to bring back position (high status/popularity of boxing in the overall sports world hierarchy). I want a clean sport. I’m just a huge boxing fan. I want to bring back position.” Canelo is rather boring and rarely says anything interesting. About the only thing he said yesterday interesting was, “I hope on Saturday night we’ll all be shouting viva Mexico.” I feel Golovkin’s confidence/belief is stronger.
3. The first fight was a draw. Do you agree with this?
Scoop: No.
4. What is your opinion on the second fight between Golovkin and Alvarez? Alvarez confidently won?
Scoop:  No. I give you the words of American boxing trainer Stephen Edwards: “Was just watching GGG vs Canelo. GGG is determined. Hes competing. He has heart. But he doesnt fight Canelo MEAN enough. He’s too nice with him. Too much respect. Canelo is a mean mother f*****. It matters when things are close.” Edwards essentially said Golovkin played soft on Canelo.
5. What are Canelo’s strengths and weaknesses?
Scoop:  Great fitness, physique, throws nice punches, has huge fan base, good management, generates big revenues for the establishment… I believe his weaknesses have been cloaked by the boxing establishment. Lack of punching power, defense, wide punches, head movement. Canelo looks like a good, regular, basic fighter packaged as a great.
6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Golovkin?
Scoop:  Golovkin is one of the greatest fighters in history. He has everything to the maximum – intelligence, power, athleticism, speed, precision, technical, dedication, desire. He’s the Novak Djokovic of boxing. I rate him with Hopkins, Pacquaio, Lennox, Klitschkos, Jones, Robinson, Calzaghe. He made his best challengers Cotto, Floyd, Martinez, Canelo avoid him. Unfortunately we never saw Golovkin score his greatest knockout wins vs Mayweather, Cotto, Canelo.

7. Have   you   watched   Canelo   vs   Bivol?   Comment   on   the   results.   Was   it unexpected that Canelo was playing?

Scoop:  Bivol dominated, clearly superior. It even looked like he carried Canelo to 12 rounds, played soft – to not KO the future value of Canelo. It was not a surprise, I’ve always viewed Canelo as overrated and protected because of his selling power, like Mayweather.

8. Which fight is more important for Alvarez now? Golovkin or Bivol?

Scoop:  Every fight now is important for Canelo, his career is at stake.
9. Many people say about the age of GGG that it is already difficult for him to
show the previous results, what do they think about this?
Scoop: This is possible that age will limit Golovkin but he still looks strong and mighty and has a very confident aura and spirit today. Remember, Bernard Hopkins was still a great fighter to his later 40s. So we will find out Saturday.

10.Golovkin and Alvarez often insult each other. This fight is already their personal matter?

Scoop:  I think there is a grudge based on their history, Canelo’s cheating with performance-enhancing drugs and behind the scenes business.


11.Who do you think will win?

Scoop:  Golovkin decision or KO. I’ve always believed Golovkin to be vastly superior to Canelo, despite what their two fights results may say. The sparring session in Los Angeles is the true contest.
12.Kazakh singer Dimash will perform at the fight. You know him?
No but I look forward to his performance. It’s nice to see the promotion is fair to have a Kazakh singer as part of the event and not just Mexicans.
Thank you for asking to interview me and I hope you enjoy the fight and performances inside the ring.

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