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Crazy Fury Should Be Arrested For Fraud

By Scoop Malinowski

Tyson “Greedy Belly” Fury is ruining the integrity and honor of professional boxing with his outrageous demands, deceptions and flat out lies. He should be stripped of his WBC title and arrested and jailed for fraud.

Last week the big fat slob outrageously demanded a 70-30 split for a unification showdown with Oleksandr Usyk though he only holds one belt and Usyk holds three world title belts. Usyk agreed to the absurd demand because he wants to unify the titles. Imagine what percentage Fury would have demanded if he had the three belts – 90-10 probably.

Yesterday Fury created another obstacle to duck Usyk – no rematch clause for their fight. Usyk responded that Fury is the one who originally demanded the rematch clause in the first place.

So it’s more than obvious if you have half a brain cell that Fury is the one creating all the obstructions to kill the unification fight with Usyk on April 29.

Fury is like a pathological lying maniac on the loose and he’s destroying the integrity and image of boxing and all of it’s history, because for some strange reason his ducking actions show he’s terrified to fight the smaller man he insulted as “a middleweight.”

Fury is defrauding and cheating the sport out of the heavyweight unification superfight it so desperately needs right now.

For this shameful crime Fury, a counterfeit pretender masquerading as a world heavyweight champion, should be arrested and jailed and removed from the sport ASAP – before he can do any further damages.

But why? Why is Fury so afraid of Usyk? Is it because he’s sold his soul to the master liar himself Bob Arum and made a promise to avoid Usyk and Joshua forever, so he can later transfer (sell) the WBC belt to Arum’s young contender Jared Anderson? Or does Fury feel so fat and out of shape and old that he knows he can’t beat Usyk or Joshua or even last 12 rounds with them? Or is Fury going crazy again with his mental health issues and perhaps drug use?

Something is very wrong with Fury, he needs medical and psychiatric help immediately. He’s scared to death of Usyk and acting like a delusional fool. He’s a menace to himself, the sport and society. Fury is behaving in an irrational manner that is borderline insane. The sport is better off without him disgracing it with all his lies, deceptions, duck moves, classless talk and other shameful behaviors.


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