Status: WBA Heavyweight champion.


Ht: 6-2 Wt: 226


DOB: September 2, 1979 In: Kursk, Russia


Age started boxing? "13."


First boxing memory? "Difficult trainings."


Boxing inspiration? "Never give up and always respect the opponent."

Favorite all-time fighter? "Tyson - very bright, very sensational manner of boxing."

Best fight you've seen? "Ali-Frazier - a few of their fights were very interesting."


Pre-fight meal? "General food."


What do you do to relax? "I never feel stressed (laughs)."


Pre-fight superstition? "No single one."


What training do you do between fights (if any)? "Jogging, work with weights, on bags."


Typical breakfast? "Rice porridge, curd, sometimes eggs."


Toughest part of being a pro boxer? "Trainings and keeping a good shape all the time."


Favorite music? "I do not think you know many Russian bands and singers, my favorite one is

No Doubt Gwen Stefani - Don't Speak, Madonna - especially early albums, Modern Talking."


Last book you read? "War and Peace by Tolstoy."


What car do you drive? "I can drive any, now I drive the one that looks like a boxing glove - Infiniti Sport FX-35."

Favorite film? "Gladiator, Brigada, Boomer, Fight With A Shadow."

Where do you train? "Checkov - Russia. Before the fight in Germany sometimes I have sparring

sessions in Germany."

Training routine? "The same things as everyone does, but with maximum efforts."

Toughest man you faced? "It is not the one, who is strong in body. It is one who is strong in soul. For example, Valery Belov - my trainer."

What supplements do you take? "Vitamins, nothing special."

What would your job be if you never succeeded in boxing? "Not sure. Maybe I would be a car


Last place you went on holiday? "Dominican Republic."

Favorite Boxer To Watch? "Nikolay Valuev - he was not just a good boxer, for me I also consider him a very good man - he is my friend."

Favorite soccer team? "I watch usually only Championship of the world. I support Russians and wish they finally start to win. I just like good games with professional and clever players, and enjoy watching nice football, but I do not support any particular club."

Greatest Moment of Career? "Olympics (2004)."

Most Painful Moment? "The boxer does not feel pain. The boxer feels pleasures!"

Funny Boxing Memory? "Before my professional bouts my trainer worries. Once he asked me to put on a mask as he forgot I turned to pro long time ago [smiles]. Lots of stories like this."

Embarrassing Boxing Memory? "To make excuse in front of my trainer - I am very embarrassed when I am late for the training. But this is only the excuse. In fact I am not embarrassed [smiles]."

Favorite Meal? "Varenik with curd."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? "Vanilla."

First Job? "I am a life time student."

First Car? "Russian VAZ-99."

Pre-Fight Feeling/Mindset? "I am thinking about my victory and setting up myself for a tough fight."

People Qualities Most Admired? "Honesty and kindness."

Translation: Natalia Savelieva