World Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin called out Floyd Mayweather to a fight at 154 pounds this weekend, after his KO title defense in Monte Carlo. A British-accented reporter asked Golovkin if he would like to fight Mayweather and the undefeated Kazakhstan gladiator excited replied that yes he would move down in weight to challenge Mayweather for his WBC Super Welterweight title, adding "I want that fight."

It's a fascinating clash between two undefeated titans but for those who know how the sport operates in America, the fight is off limits and will not happen, because Mayweather will only fight handpicked set up opponents who pose no threat to his undefeated record or long term health preservation.

The American media realizes Mayweather is not to be hurt or beaten and is too important to the establishment (Showtime, Golden Boy, Al Haymon) and thus will expectedly ignore and shun the very big story that Gennady Golovkin has challenged Mayweather to a superfight.

Only in America would a fraud coward boxer who masquerades himself as the greatest boxer of all time, be completely protected by the powers that be and media.