"It looks like victory - has defeated you." --Bain, from "The Dark Knight Rises"

When Andre Ward sat ringside for HBO last month as a special guest commentator to witness Adonis "Superman" Stevenson destroy Chad Dawson and claim the WBC Light Heavyweight Championship, he may have finally found the perfect storm.

For the "Son of God", navigating the waters of the son of Jor-EL makes the most sense.

Right now.

Stevenson's one-punch, super-hero like bombing of Chad Dawson, trumped Ward's clinical dissection of him, and set the stage for what could be a major bout in September.

Ward is on record as saying he wants to fight twice this year, and is firm on September, after being sidelined with a shoulder injury and subsequent surgery. And while he's not named an official opponent as of yet, the crystal ball directly in front of me says it's "Superman".

Having a recent common opponent brings obvious comparisons and is an obvious sign. But with Bernard Hopkins tied up in another bout, Stevenson's wish list now consists of one.


Ranked no less than #2 on most pound-for-pound lists, Andre Ward is still in search of superstar status despite being utterly dominant.

The Olympic Gold Medalist and Super-Middleweight kingpin has been smacked with the dreaded word "dull" (unfairly I might add), and a fight with Stevenson could dismiss this notion.

Plus, Stevenson and his people have been talking like thugs on the heels of his big win and new found celebrity. Recently Yvon Michel, Stevenson's promoter, had a conversation with BoxingScene.com and more than spoke his mind.

"Everyone is aware that Ward is looking for an opponent he hasn't fought," Michel sneered. "He tried to fight [Julio Cesar] Chavez Jr., or Carl Froch, but Froch seems busy elsewhere, so he's desperate to find a quality opponent."

He wasn't done.

"Andre Ward took 10 rounds to dismantle a guy, who by his own admission was very, very weak, and drained in the fight," Michel continued. "Adonis took out the very best Chad Dawson, who said that he had the best training camp of his life, and that he was back in his own division, and it took one punch for [Adonis] to take him out."

Guess what? He still wasn't done.

"If he wants a tune-up fight just say so," Michel demanded. "Don't say otherwise because Adonis is available."

Then Michel went on a rant about a mandatory 2-fight package on each other's turf and at both of their respective weight classes (168 and 175lbs).


Bottom line, this is just a ploy to get the most mileage out of his 35-year-old Montreal product, plus more bang for the buck. This isn't gonna happen.

But the fight itself should.

Ward vs. Stevenson

There isn't a better fight that can be made for Ward, his fans, his detractors, or HBO. If this fight can in fact be made on the heels of Showtime's colossal Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Saul "Canelo" Alvarez event, then HBO can put the consensus #2 fighter on display shortly thereafter. It doesn't get any better than this. Despite his shocking power, "Superman" would not be able to deal with Ward's complete arsenal of skills, who would look sensational in disarming him. The "Son of God" would expose Jor-EL's son to kryptonite throughout this contest, and feed him ice in around 5 rounds.


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